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Basic Features

Visible shooting position*
Coaxial CCD camera*
Sofware controlled shutter
・30W, 45W (optional 15W, 75W )
Level 4 laser classification, requires safety cover.


Laser Soldering

Precise soldering for micro applications. Fancort offers the latest Robotic Soldering Technology using Japan UNIX is the world leader in laser soldering systems with spot sizes as small as 0.1mm. Laser makes possible what other types of soldering cannot accomplish. Fancort has a laser system in our process development lab available for sampling and process development.


Laser diode with output of 20, 30, 45, or 75W
Coaxial CCD camera integrated into laser head shoots image of the target point for ease of programming
Ideal for extremely fine point soldering
Programming robot on teach pendant or included software; program laser with control box
Laser lens shielded from the outside with protective glass
Custom lenses, e.g. round, doughnut, oval, square
Air jet system incorporated into robot removes smoke from flux
Optional nitrogen flow

Desktop models with working area of 300x300mm or 400x400mm
Program up to 63 waveform patterns
Eight levels of energy power for each waveform
Supplied with precision solder feeder or can be used with solder paste
Laser spot diameter 0.4-0.6mm; 0.25mm is optional
Focal length standard is 60; 30, 40, 80, 100 or 120 are optional
Select from two different wavelengths: 808 or 940mm
Software operated shutter
Expected life span of laser is 20,000 hours

Laser Soldering Process

1. The laser illuminates the soldering point.

2. The illuminated area emits heat (surface heat emission).

3. The heat transfers into the surrounding area and is raised to the melting temperature.

4. Solder is supplied



High yield rate available
High affinity for automation
Perfect for high density board
Easy maintenance
Minimum strain to board

Technical Data

External view diagram
(Desktop laser soldering robot UNIX-DF303L)

Straight on view

Overhead view

External view diagram
(Desktop laser soldering robot UNIX-DF303L)

Side view




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