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Fancort ESD-Safe Universal Board Racks are designed for the secure storage and transportation of printed circuit boards.

Fancort ESD-Safe Universal Board Racks are made of premium quality plastic for long lasting durability.

Features open carrying handles and are stackable for ease of use.
Guides are molded in reinforced conductive material that meet Mil Spec #B-81705-B for static discharge.
Styles available are Conductive, High Temp Conductive, High Temp Polysulfone, Non-ESD and Static Dissipative.
Dimensions and pitch vary per model, 20 or 25 slot capacities.
Colors available Black, Green or Blue


These racks are used for PCB Inline automation and for the secure storage and transportation of PCBs. Fancort Magazine Racks are made with premium materials such as aluminum, steel and engineering plastics for long lasting durability. Features injection-molded card guides to handle small, medium, large, very large and hard-to-hold boards for increased versatility.

Surface resistivity of 10-4 to 10-6 ohm/cm.
Available in 18, 39, 50 and 75 slot capacities.
Withstands solvents and temperatures up to 200°C for increased reliability.
Dimensions, pitch and PCB measure vary per model.
Fast and simple gear adjusting card guide provides stability and accurate setup for added reliability.
Can be stored vertically or horizontally.
Removable end stop.


We can design and customize these racks as your application demands. If you have been looking for a solution for your application and have not found anything in the market yet, is because you need our custom solutions.

When your application demands

High temperature
High Accuracy Handling
Oversized PCB Boards
Heavy Duty Process

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