Trusted by the Aerospace & Defense Industry for over 47 years


Fancort Industries is a leading Manufacturer, Distributor, & Integrator of high quality tooling & automation equipment. Our team of engineers, machinists, and product specialists are able to provide an extensive array of solutions to your most challenging manufacturing pain points.

Fancort has developed a reputation for high quality solutions with nearly 5 decades of experience in automation & precision tooling for the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, and Electronics Industries. We are a master distributor for the most advanced robotic soldering systems, a Universal Robots Certified System Integrator (CSI), and Cognex Partner System Integrator (PSI).


Precision Tooling Design & manufacturing for the high reliability military/aerospace industry. This expertise includes some of the industry’s most experienced mechanical engineering design, expert tool makers, and a precision machine shop with 3 CNC machines, wire EDM, lathes, and mills etc. This expertise is frequently utilized to support many aspects of our automation business including machine builds, new product development, custom fixtures, brackets, enclosures, and other proof of concept testing.

Process Development is a core part of our automation business which enables us to provide exacting recommendations for our equipment and provide confidence that a process is capable of meeting our customer’s strict requirements. Our engineers and technicians can develop proofs of concepts for a diverse set of automated processes including: robotic soldering, robotic dispense, laser marking, press fit, pneumatic and servo presses, Screw driving, PCB Cleaning, PCB routing, PCB Depaneling, and Hot Bar Soldering, Our technicians typically develop process parameters and provide videos of the process prior to purchasing of equipment. Fancort has one of the most advanced and experienced robotic and laser soldering labs in North America. Our Mexico branch also offers robotic soldering process development.


Machine Building & Custom Automation is our fastest growing area. Building on our mechanical and process backgrounds we have the additional capability to build custom batch automation machines. These include custom gantry, SCARA, and desktop based machines with enclosures that are capable of class 4 laser safety standards. We have expertise in machine vision including expertise in Keyence, Cognex, and Teradyne Dalsa machine and embedded vision systems. Our machines are built onsite and tested for capability and customer buy offs prior to delivery. Fancort is also a certified integrator and distributor for Universal Robots, Janomie robots, and Mitsubishi robots. Other robotic platforms are also available. We have the ability to develop custom PC and PLC based control systems for more complex processes and machines.

Core Competences

Universal Robots Certified System Integrator (CSI) – Robotics lab with 4-5 co-bots
UR+ Product Developer
– Dispense/feeder solutions
Cognex Partner System Integrator (PSI)
– Vision lab with trained experts
Process Development (Proof of Concept)
is a core part of our automation business which enables us to provide exact equipment recommendations and develop confidence that a process exceeds our customer’s strict requirements. A proof of concept allows our customer to purchase a proven process with reduced risk.
Precision Tooling & Manufacturing – Precision machine shop with 3 CNC machines, wire EDM, lathes, and mills run by some of the industry’s most experienced mechanical designers, expert tool makers. Capabilities to 0.0002”

Machine Building & Custom Automation – Fancort is an experienced machine builder for batch and inline processes. Our engineers are experienced with a variety of robotics platforms including: Universal Robots, Custom Gantries, SCARAs, and desktop robots.
– Fancort engineers are RIA trained and certified to assess the risk and safety of industrial and collaborative robotics cells. Fancort custom automation systems comply with RIA safety requires as specified by TR R15.306 and TR R15.606.
ITAR Registered
NIST & CUI Compliant



We are unique in our parallel emphasis on engineering and fabrication. Many companies have the engineering capabilities to develop your concept, but do not have the ability to build the equipment. As a custom machine's manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our ability to take on the most complex fabrication challenges.

Highly capable UR demo lab: 4/5 UR demos include e series.
Robotic Soldering: Most advanced lab in N.A./Japan Unix master distributor.
Janome Industrial Experts: Gantry, desktop, SCARA.
Screw Driving: Experts in a variety of drivers/feeder systems.
Flex/Precision Feeders: Flexfactory/Quasys/Custom built.
Small machine concept: We can build & design from a simple fixture to a complete assembly production line


Fancort ITAR Registrant Code M22953
Fancort Cage Code # 6L 152
Fancort Customs Tariff Code 8462.99
NAICS Code: 333514
SIC CODE: 05 522 0479
HTS Code 8462.49.0050 (Schedule B)
C33 License Code for Export "No license required (EAR 99) Department of State"
ECCN Fancort products are not categorized therefore we are EAR 99/NLR
ISO Certified # US13/82686