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UMC-093 Soldering Head
• 250W heating element
• Precise temperature control with a sensor 3mm from the tip
• Fixed 75° angle with Poka-Yoke system for correct tip placement
• Supports point-to-point and linear soldering
• Compatible with Japan Unix USP-871 controller
• Optional: Nitrogen gas supply, needle mover

USC-871 Soldering Controller
• Intuitive touch panel interface
• Supports up to 255 soldering conditions
• Multi-language and multi-voltage compatibility
• Excel integration for data management
• Enhances automation with Japan Unix robotic systems

UPM-023 Soldering Feeder
• High precision feeding (0.072 mm per pulse)
• Compatible with solder wire diameters 0.3 mm to 1.2 mm
• Encoder for error detection (slipping, jamming)
• Seamless integration with controller (USC-871)

UJC-213 Tip Cleaner
• Air blower mechanism for debris removal
• Extends lifespan of soldering tips
• Essential for high-quality soldering performance

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Soldering Set

UPM-052, UPM-057
Soldering Feeder

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Laser Head

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ULD-02 Laser Controller/Generator
The ULD-02 is a laser controller and generator designed for precision soldering applications. It offers high reliability and control, allowing for precise adjustments in laser power and duration to achieve optimal soldering results. This unit is typically integrated into automated soldering systems and is essential for fine-tuning the laser parameters to match specific soldering requirements.

ULD-H4 Laser Head
The ULD-H4 Laser Head is a component used in laser soldering systems. It is engineered to deliver focused laser energy to the solder joint with high accuracy. This laser head is suitable for various soldering tasks, including those requiring precision in tight spaces. The ULD-H4 ensures consistent and high-quality solder joints, making it ideal for delicate and complex electronic assemblies.

ULD-H4 Slim Laser Head L Shape
The ULD-H4 Slim Laser Head L Shape is a variation of the ULD-H4, designed to fit into even more confined spaces due to its slim and L-shaped form factor. This design allows for greater flexibility in positioning the laser head during soldering operations, particularly in applications where space is limited and accessibility is challenging. It maintains the precision and effectiveness of the standard ULD-H4 Laser Head.

UPM-052 and UPM-057 Soldering Feeders
The UPM-052 and UPM-057 are automated soldering feeders designed to deliver solder wire to the soldering point with high precision and consistency. These feeders are compatible with various soldering systems and are essential for maintaining a steady supply of solder, thus enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the soldering process. The UPM-052 and UPM-057 feeders are distinguished by their specific capacity and compatibility features, tailored to different production needs.

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Compatible Platforms

Available for Contact and Laser Soldering.

Universal Robots
Available for Contact and Laser Soldering.

Available for Contact and Laser Soldering.

Available for Contact and Laser Soldering.

Available for Contact and Laser Soldering.

Available for Contact and Laser Soldering.

Available for Contact and Laser Soldering.

Available for Contact and Laser Soldering.

Most Gantries
Available for Contact and Laser Soldering.


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