Fancort's Smartflex™

Fancort's SmartFlex™ adjustable trim & forming systems epitomize versatility and precision, particularly tailored for Flat and Quad Pack production. With modern control systems integrated, it sets a new standard in error-proofing and safety. Its next-generation design incorporates an array of features meticulously crafted to ensure the safe handling of high-value radiation-hardened components with utmost care and precision. Standard safety measures such as safety light curtains, main power disconnect, e-stop, and pneumatic dump valve are included for added protection. To further enhance error-proofing, the machine boasts an integrated HMI touchscreen with a parts library, retaining dimensional data of each SMT part. This data is seamlessly tied to a barcode scan, guaranteeing precise setup for the part being processed. During changeover, the barcode scanner verifies that the tooling inserts match the part being processed, ensuring seamless transitions and impeccable quality control.

Programming Screens

Home Screen

Parts Library Screen

Tooling Library Screen

Smartflex Features™

Fast & Error Free Changer
12” Touchscreen HMI
Built-in Safety Light Curtains
Includes safety relay, e-stop, main power disconnect
Parts library with bar code selection
Bar Code Tooling Verification
Automatic set up and adjustment of the "A" Standoff height
Automatic set up and adjustment of the "D" Tip to Tip
Two-Axis of closed-loop motion
Adjustable Foot length
Automatic height control
Trim & form Flat and Quad packs
Precision External Centering Station
Vacuum Loader for Safe Loading
Patented Fancort Technology

Flex System Operational Overview

The SmartFlex™ is a two-sided gull-wing lead forming system with automatic standoff control. Simple changeover of die members, combined with accurate, repeatable changes in tip-to-tip length, can vary all the critical dimensions of most SMT footprints on a wide variety of ceramic packages. With SMT forming specs library, the operator can choose existing forming specs that are linked to a list of internal Flex tool and will be required to process this new or existing IC part.

SMT Development Mode: This feature will prompt the technician to enter forming specs and will help guide the operator to put in values that are industry standards. Once the values are accepted, the program will determine what internal tooling members will be used or have to be acquired. This unique program calculates spring back and has the Flex systems limitation included for example .012 "C" is the systems maximum lead thickness capability and the program will not allow a value larger than .012 to be entered or saved.

Parts Library: This section has a list of all internal Flex tool members on hand for use that the user has acquired. Internal Flex tool members have a bar code ID that identifies its critical dimensions, when read with the reader provided with the system.

Onboard Documentation/Support: Internal fault codes and operation manual factory preload on each machine.


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