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Soldering Manager: The soldering robot management software

Start the IoT for soldering from the job site
It is very important for the manager at the installation site to grasp and record the situation for the equipment at all times. However, it is difficult to keep monitoring the equipment in operation and the investigation for the cause after the problem occurs are not easy.

Soldering manager monitors the status of the soldering robot and automatically collects and stores data. Saved operation data can be used in various ways. It is the IoT for soldering robot could start from the job site and advanced knowledge is not required.

Soldering Manager is suited for all different types of robotic soldering: contact, inline, laser, gantry, and every fancort robotic soldering integration.


Correcting Data
• During maintenance: Alarm history of robot or heater / correction history of the iron tip position.
• In operation: Board code / LOT No. / heater temperature / result for the feeder send / shot count for the iron tip.
• Management data: Number of the iron tip shots / number of cycles / solder feed amount for 1-cyle / total of solder feed amount / the hours of operation for the robot.



Connect PC, camera, and thermometer to the robot.


The data in operation or during maintenance are automatically saved.


Make into the graph the temperature during the soldering.


Save numerical data / video.
*Numerical data can be saved in CSV file format and video can be saved in MPEG-4 (H.264) format.


Utilize historial data.


To reconnect soldering data with external devices via global standards such as IPC CFX, SEMI and Hermes.

Standard configuration

Soldering Manager Software

Camera connection kit for soldering manager. Includes USB camera (2 cameras), camera mounting bracket, USB hub and various cables. (QR code reader is not included)


Requirement for system configuration

• Software for the robot (UNIX-DF / GF series) must be the latest (4.0 or higher) version.
• Depending on the performance of the connected PC, it may not be possible to convert the recordings of camera image into compressed video or saving properly.