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Fancort presses are hand-made in New Jersey.

We can customize, design, and build any press for your unique application or you can shop our ready - to run - standard presses.

Our new line of SmartPressTM adds advanced load control



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Press Output Comparisons in Pounds of Force

Air Press Model 60 psi 80 psi 100 psi
BP-500 Non-Rotating Ram 375 500 675
BP-500 400 575 725
BP-500-1 Special Output Range 5-50 LBS
BP-500-4   650   900 1175
BP-700 1150   1500 1900
5000L/5000L-22 & 30 1150 1500 1900
5000L-4 Special/5000L-22 & 30 1250 2500 3800
5000L-6 (2 Stage) 3100 4300 5500
5000L-8 (3 Stage) 4000 6000 8000
5000L-10 (4 Stage) 6000 8000 10000
  • For low pressure operation below 50 psi of set input line pressure. Choose the dual regulator option that allows control of ram force below the figures in the above chart. For example, this will allow ram pressure down to 50 LBS+ on the BP-500, BP-1000 and the 5000L (with 5" air cylinders or smaller) presses
  • P/N BP-500-2/REG for ram pressure control from 50 LBS to 725 or 1175 LBS depending on the model of BP-500 series presses
  • 5" CYL/REG for ram pressure control from 50 LBS to 1900 on BP-1000 or 5000L with 5" air cylinders or smaller



American Built Quality for Low Volume

Most often sold as an accessory for our lead forming tools these hand presses are designed for low volume applications.

For most applications, it often makes sense to upgrade to our line of pneumatic presses which reduce operator stress and increase reliability at a fractional cost premium.

  • 5-inch stroke with stroke limiter
  • 11-inch steel adjustable column
  • 12-inch steel handle
  • Base has “T” slot with hardware for easy tooling mounting
  • Measures 8” X 9” x 18”


American Built & Easily Customizable for Light Assembly Work

Fancort's adjustable column pneumatic presses are designed for light assembly work from 2 to 1900 pounds of pressure.

These pneumatic air presses have a small footprint, side-mounted controls, adjustable column, speed control, and keyway for easy tool mounting.



BP-500 400-725 LBS 3" 11"
BP-500-1 5 -50 LBS 3" 11"
BP-500-1SP 60-100 LBS 3" 11"
BP-500-4 650-1175 LBS 3" 11"
BP-700 1150-1900 LBS 4" 15"



American Built & Easily Customizable for Light Assembly Work

Fancort's pneumatic air presses are quiet, heavy-duty, and deliver smooth operation.
Designed for applications requiring 1 ton or more, these very sturdy pneumatic air presses come in several models of different force ranges.

Press Output Comparisons in Pounds of Force

Air Press Model 60 psi 80 psi 100 psi
5000L / 22 & 30 1150 1500 1900
5000L-4 / 22 & 30 1250 2500 3800
5000L-6 (2 Stage) 3100 4300 5500
5000L-8 (3 Stage) 4000 6000 8000
5000L-10 (4 Stage) 6000 8000 10000



MODEL Complete Press Description LBS LOAD
5000L with 5" cylinder 1900
5000L-4 special 6" cylinder 3800
5000L-6 with 6" cylinder 5500
5000L-8 multi-stage (2) cylinders 8000
5000L-22 with 5" cylinder, 22" inside width 1900
5000L-30 with 5" air cylinder, 30" inside width 1900
5000L-30-4 with special 6" air cylinder, 30" inside width 3800
5000L-10 multi-stage (3) cylinders 10000
*Please Note: Pressure figures @100 PSI Line Input Pressure



Programmable Servomotor Electric Press Janome Style

Designed for complex assemblies, testing and 100% part inspection with integrated load cell that will dramatically improve the quality and accuracy of your finished parts.

Built on a very heavy-duty frame with optional software for downloading data, off-line programming and data-output.

Program force, speed, distance stop position, stop load and dwell time with built-in software, or use optional JP Soft software, which includes JP Designer for data teaching, OK/NG judgement setting on a PC, JP Reporter to enable quality control, a JP Sampler time series and a data/CPK analysis on a PC.


  • Models from 5kgf to 5000kgf
  • Repeatable accuracy of +/-.005mm
  • Soft sensors can be programmed
  • Constant speed/set stop position, stop load and distance mode
  • Constant load/time pressing, set top position & distance mode
  • Store up to 100 patterns in flash memory; use PC for unlimited pattern storage
  • Traceability with data collection of all parameters into Excel, CSV and HTML including graphing
  • Class 10 Clean Room Model JP1004CL
  • Holding time to 999.9 sec in 0.1 sec increments
  • Ram stroke: 80, 100 and 200mm depending on model; longer stroke option available
  • Ram stroke accuracy in .001mm increments
  • Ram speed pressing in increments of .01mm/sec
  • Display in N, kgf, lb, mm, in and in six languages
  • External I/O: 17 inputs, 16 outputs, RS232C
  • NPN is standard; PNP is optional
  • AC servomotor controlled with 32 bit processor
  • Power options: 220VAC 1-phase or 220VAC 3-phase, optional
  • OSHA approved two-hand safety control
  • One year warranty


Models Available:

Model Force(Kgf) Newtons Lbs
JP-054 5-50 50-500 11-110
JP-104 10-100 100-1000 22-220
JP-204 20-200 200-2000 44-440
JP-504 50-500 500-5000 110-1100
JP-1004 100-1000 1000-10000 220-2200
JP-1504 150-1500 1500-15000 330-3300
JP-2004 200-2000 2000-20000 440-4400
JP-3004 300-3000 3000-30000 660-6600
JP-5004 500-5000 5000-50000 1100-11000



Custom Press-Fit Tooling

Custom Press-Fit Tooling
Custom Pres-Fit Tooling
Heated Press

Heated Press


Automated Pneumatic Dual Force Heated Presses with Heater Controller

1. Fancort dual Force pneumatic presses that can supply *400-1900 Lbs of force standard in each pressure cycle program. This option also includes timers for accurate control of the force intervals for each of the Dual Force circuits.

* Other output force ranges are available, please inquire.

2. Fancort temperature controller including: Compact high reliability micro heaters and Thermo- Couples capable of **0-500 degrees F .

Fancort incorporates these heaters in our tools, presses and fixtures for a complete turnkey system.

** Other heat profile ranges and options are available, please inquire.


We can customize any type of presses to fit your needs, including fixtures, tooling, die-set and more.

Programmable PLC Press Drill

Fancort builds custom PLC servo and pneumatic presses for a wide range of applications.

This is a Servo Drill press designed to improve quality and reduce chances of injury at a local medical company.

We can build custom PLC driven solutions for the industrial markets, or fully automatic robotic solutions for the electronics markets


  • PLC controlled 110 voltage
  • Adjustable Auto Feed feature with 4” stroke
  • Includes ½ “ drill chuck , 660 RPM Ma, that can be varied and controlled to slower speeds
  • 163 lbs of thrust / force max , Works with drills , cutter and more
  • The Adjustable column is available in any length for maximum capabilities
  • 2 hand safety control system w/ E stop
  • One year warranty


We can customize to fit your needs, for more information, click on the button or contact:

Robert Antonelli
(888)-326-2678 x 719