Prevent production rework and delegate your most sensitive dispensing applications to our Robotic Automation Services.

Fancort Precision Nozzles and Needles

Fancort's disposable dispense nozzles are all plastic polypropylene with a double helix luer lock thread.
The taper tip design allows for a smooth transition of fluid through the dispense nozzle, eliminating back pressure. Plastic nozzles have a clean molded outlet and are color coded to identify gauge sizes.
Fancort’s disposable dispense needles feature a double helix threaded polypropylene luer lock hub with a bonded stainless steel canula.
The luer lock hubs are color coded for gauge sizes and the blunt end stainless steel canulas are cut and polished at the end for superior dispensing control.
A 45 bend in the canula allows easier access for hard to reach areas
Valve Selection Chart

Robotic Dispensing Shortcuts

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