Prevent production rework and delegate your most sensitive dispensing applications to our Robotic Automation Services.

Desktop Robotic Dispensing

Fancort offers a complete array of highly engineered robotic dispensing solutions.
Our valves and controllers are manufactured in the USA and are integrated with state
of the art Janome desktop robots to provide industry leading quality.
Three Platforms Available:
  • FD200V (200X200mm)
  • FD300V (300X320mm)
  • FD400V (400X400mm)
Built on the highly reliable Janome desktop robot platform, each equipment is designed to work with a pneumatic controller.

Dispensing Capabilities

Fluid Dispensing & Pump Options


Direct Syringe Mount
Constant Air on Syringe

Cartridge Systems

Semco/EFD Style
Metal Retainer w/air cap

Drop in Bottle Pressure Tanks

Material Bottle Options
2-Liter or 5-Liter (1 gallon)
Drop-in bottle only (no pour)

Stainless Steel Pressure Tank

Flip Top Style Tank Options
2 Gallon Volume
Pour in Only

Stainless Steel Pressure Tanks

Full Removable Top Tank Options
2 Gallon or 10 Gallon
Agitators, Heaters, Recirculation

Pail Pump Systems

High Viscosity Silicones and RTV's
5-Gallon Pails 11:1/23:1/43:1 Ratio
Pneumatic Lift Assy

Common Valves

Fluids Supported

  • Adhesives
  • Epoxy
  • Flux
  • Grease
  • RTV
  • Sealants
  • Solder Paste
  • Staking Material
  • Underfill
  • Grease
  • Acrylic
  • Chip Bonder
  • Cyanoacrylate
  • 2 Part Fluids
  • Oil
  • Silicone
  • Thermal Interface Material
  • UV Curable

Janome Performance Specs

Janome robot platform for easy programing and high reliability
Compact design reduces size & cost.
Standard systems include teach pendant, controller, syringe dispense, and needle.
Free process development sampling at Fancort facility.
Optional PC software
1 year factory warranty.

Working Area:

  • FD200V(200X200mm)
  • FD300V(300X320mm)
  • FD400V(400X400mm)
General Specs
  • Continuous Path Control.
  • Fill-In-Function: Create a shape and automatically fill area with fluid.
  • Add on I/Os: Up to 16 inputs/14outputs.
  • Up to 500mm/s X/Y speed.
  • 0.01mm repeatability.
  • Stores up to 255 programs with 30,000 points per program.
  • Purge switch on front panel.
  • Requires 80 PSI air & 110V power supply.
  • 2 phase pulse motor drive system.

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*1 Maximum speed cannot be achieved when the robot is bearing its maximum portable load.
*2 Position repeatability is not a guarantee of absolute precision.
*3 With optional specifications, the external dimensions and the robot's mass may change. Please contact us for details.


Creating dispensing programs is easy:

Just set the job positions for dispensing parameters such as point dispensing or line dispensing.

Fill-in Dispensing Function
Convenient fill-in dispensing functions which allow you to dispense like drawing a picture using only 2 points for a rectangle and 3 points for a circle.

Purging Function
Have the robot purge on a repeating cycle when holding at the work home position. Also, purge the dispensing liquid whenever you want using the optional "Purge Switch".

Fragmented Dispensing Prevention Function
Set a waiting time to prevent fragmented dispensing at the beginning and spraying at the end of dispensing runs.

Dispensing Applications

Trusted by the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics and Medical Industry since 1973

FANCORT serves many industries with a range of applications including adhesives/sealants, automated dispensing, coating, curing, custom automation, manual dispensing, micro dispensing and SMT/semiconductor dispensing. The goal is to provide the best technology for each customer within the following industries:

  • Electronics: Used in manufacturing everything from smart phones to LCD displays, the company’s automated and manual solutions provide accurate, reliable dispensing of materials such as solder pastes, adhesives, silicones, sealants and cyanoacrylates.
  • Aerospace: Precision and reliability are crucial in the manufacturing of aircrafts and their parts. Leading manufacturers rely on Fancort for accurate dispensing of lubricants, solvents, sealants, adhesives and pastes.
  • Automotive: The diverse automotive industry presents numerous dispensing opportunities from selective spray coating to potting, gasketing and bead dispensing, including applying adhesives and lubricants.
  • Medical Device Manufacturing: The company’s solutions assist in this industry from the handheld prototyping phase all the way through to large-scale production. Our systems are used in applications such as bonding of plastics, glass and metals, lubricating equipment, coating, dispensing UV adhesives for bonding canulas, catheters, and other plastic, glass and metal components.
  • Military/Defense: The military market is known for high-mix/ low-volume applications, as well as nontraditional boards.
  • General Packaging: Combining flexible custom solutions with diverse application expertise, Fancort is a valuable source for dispensing hot melt adhesives, doming materials, sealants, epoxies and spray coat finishing

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Our Expertise

Fancort is a specialist in dispense automation


The application of a protective film or layer of liquid onto a PCB, either in selected areas or over the entire assembly. Conformal coatings are applied using an array of technologies such as atomized spray, airless film, needle dispense and jetting.


Applying an epoxy or silicone based fluid that completely covers a defined area around a flip chip or wire bonded component. This provides mechanical stability during shock and vibration, as well as environmental protection from moisture and foreign objects.


The process of filling an enclosure that holds electronic circuitry, with a liquid that when cured completely encases the unit. This provides mechanical stability during shock and vibration as well as environmental protection from moisture and foreign objects.


A 2-step process of first dispensing a high viscosity fluid around the perimeter of a device or electronic circuitry, and then dispensing a low viscosity fluid within the perimeter to fully encase the components.
The dam can be applied as a single or multi-layer bead.


The application of an (typically) epoxy based fluid along one or more edges of an electronic component, such as a flip chip or BGA type package, that flows underneath using capillary action. Underfill is used to prevent thermal mismatch between the component and the substrate, prevent moisture penetration, and to provide mechanical
stability during shock and vibration.


The application of a liquid adhesive to join two surfaces, such as metal, plastic, glass, rubber, or ceramic, together which forms a complete bond and transfers forces between the substrates.


Also known as “form-in-place gasketing," this application dispenses one or two-part liquids into a groove or onto a flange that will cure to form a seal against liquids and gases. This automated process eliminates the task of assembling a die cut or pre-made gasket. Additionally, geometries can easily be modified for other designs.


The process of applying an optically clear liquid to a digital display, such as LCD or plasma, to bond a cover glass and/or touch sensor to eliminate the air gap between each layer. This provides improved
image clarity, especially in outdoor or bright light environments, improved resistance to shock and vibration, and additional protection against dust and moisture.

Why Fancort Robotic Dispensing?

We dedicate ourselves to deliver the best dispensing results to meet your expectations, this is what you will get working with us:

        • CAD Design Proposal
        • Sampling Reports in video/pictures
        • Engineering Study to determine the best match to your application
        • Budgetary Proposal including lead time and project scope
        • Warranty
        • Tech Support on site and by phone

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Robotic Dispensing Shortcuts


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