VPD-10 - Bench Top PCB Depaneler for LED PCB's

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VPD-10 - Bench Top PCB Depaneler for LED PCB's

Equipment designed to minimize board stress and avoid component damage.
Three pairs of precision beveled cutting blades can ensure the board does not bend or deform.
The guide can be adjusted vertically to suit different LED boards.

Depth between upper circular blades can be precisely adjusted to reduce stress on score- line edge and blade wear.


  • Servo-Motor (110 / 220V)
  • Upper and lower circular blades can be resharpened
  • 2.4mm Stainless steel platform is standard.
  • Topside clearance is 0.7mm height at a 45mm distance
  • Machine Size: 15.75 x 15.75 x 13.4".
  • Platform Size: 59 x 10.6 x 7.85.
  • Minimum Speed: 0-400 mm/s.
  • PCB Thickness Range: 0.8-3.375 mm.
  • Machine Weight: 45 Kg.


  • Separates panels up to 0.100" thickness
  • The Longest Panel: No limit
  • Minimum board thickness of 0.024"
  • Shears boards safely with parts as close as 0.020" to score line, including ceramic capacitors.
  • Pneumatic system
  • "Poka-Yoke" system will only allow correct board placement to avoid mistakes


  • Safety enclosure custom designed
  • Tray to safely catch boards after depaneling process  
  • Contact us for more custom options

     Spare parts available:

    • VPD-10K (Set - 6 Circular Blades) from $995.00



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