Model RA-18

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Universal Rack to handle and process PCB Boards
  • Dimensions 6" x 18", weights 0.5 lb.
  • 25 slots with parallel sides for more rigid holding, 0.125" x 0.300 on a 0.625" pitch.
  • High temperature conductive model for bare board processing tolerates acids, alkaline and solvents
  • Tolerates 185°F = 85°C
  • Double wide models expand to hold boards up to 24" wide with a carrying handle
  • RA-18SDG Green static dissipative material for lead-free boards
    RA-18C Black Standard Conductive (185ºF)
    RA-18CT Black High Temp Conductive (275ºF)
    RA-18HT Black Very High Temp Polysulfone (275ºF) Non-ESD
    RA-18CTD Black Double Wide Conductive High Temp
    RA-18HTD Black Double Wide, Very High Temp.
    RA-18CD  Double Wide/ Standard Temperature ESD-Safe 
    RA-18C/SMT Blue For those boards with components near the edge; slot size .075" x .125" on .500" pitch
    RA-18SDG Green Static dissipative material for lead-free boards


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