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Fancort specializes in automation for the aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical and industrial divisions.

We can build custom robotic solutions.

We are experts in robotic soldering (iron, laser, & ultrasonic), robotic dispense, robotic screw fastening, robotic depaneling, load/unload, and small scale conveyor systems with vision inspection and pack out solutions.





Collaborative robots from Universal Robots+

Our three different collaborative robots are easily integrated into existing production environments.

With six articulation points, and a wide scope of flexibility, the collaborative robot arms are designed to mimic the range of motion of a human arm.

U+R Benefits

  • Easy Programming
  • Fast set up
  • Flexible re-deployment collaborative and safe
  • COBOTS fastest payback in the industry

UR3 Robot - Ultra Flexible Table-Top Robot

UR3 is our new, smaller collaborative table-top robot for light assembly tasks and automated workbench scenarios.

The compact table-top robot weighs only 24.3 lbs (11 kg), but has a payload of 6.6 lbs (3 kg), 360-degree rotation on all wrist joints and infinite rotation on the end joint.

UR5 Robot - A highly Flexible Robot Arm

The UR5 is ideal to optimize low-weight collaborative processes, such as: picking, placing and testing.

With a working radius of up to 850mm, the UR5 collaborative robot puts everything within reach, freeing up your employees’ time to add value to other stages of the production.

UR5 in short
Automate tasks up to 5 kgs (11 lbs) Reach radius of up to 850 mm (33.5 in) Fast payback time

UR10 robot - Collaborative industrial robot

The Universal Robots UR10 is our largest industrial robot arm, designed for bigger tasks where precision and reliability are still of paramount importance.

With the industrial robot arm - UR10 - you can automate processes and tasks that weighs up to 10 kg.

With a reach radius of up to 1300mm, the UR10 industrial robot is designed to be more effective at tasks across a larger area.


Automated Screw Fastening for Medium to High Volume Production

Fancort's Expertise

  • Fancort is a specialist in screw fastening automation
  • R&D lab equipped with a variety of demo systems
  • Universal Robots screw fastening solution

Fancort's Capabilities

  • ASG XPAQ / HIOS integration experience
  • Washer + Screw combo capabilities
  • Loctite / Threadlocker integration available
  • Automatic bit changer with vacuum


  • Custom Fixturing
  • Custom Enclosure
  • Visual Inspection via machine vision

Common Challenges  

  • Incorrect torques
  • Missing Fasteners
  • High Volume of Fasteners / Requires lots of labor
  • Want to improve traceability & error-proofing
  • Poor ergonomics for an operator
  • Operator is struggling to handle parts

Automatic screw fastening systems with robots will increase throughput on a variety of assembly applications.

These systems are completely integrated and include robot (Desktop, Scara or U+R), electric drivers, screw feeder systems.

Our automation department can customize the system to suit your needs.

The driver or robot can also monitor screw depth to ensure that the screw is properly seated and has reached the programmed torque value.

The controller can store programs.

  • Robot repeatable accuracy of +/-.01mm.
  • Various screw feeder systems are available that can be changed in less than five minutes for different screw types and sizes, including a blow feeder for higher volume applications.
  • Fixtures and tooling available from Fancort.


Fancort offers a complete array of highly engineered robotic dispensing solutions.

Our valves and controllers are manufactured in the USA and are integrated with U+R and Janome robots to provide extremely high reliability systems.

Every system is built and tested by Fancort Industries Inc. in New Jersey and supported by our team of in house engineers and technicians

Fancort's Expertise

  • Custom Fixturing
  • Visual Inspection
  • Error-proofing
  • Traceability
  • Zero-defect manufacturing

We can work with almost any fluid but if we encounter one application that is challenging to dispense robotically, we can connect you to fluid experts that can recommend an alternative that is easier to work with.

Potential Fluids

  • Adhesives
  • Epoxy
  • Flux
  • Grease
  • RTV
  • Sealants
  • Solder Paste
  • Staking Material
  • Under-fill
  • Grease
  • Acrylic
  • Chip Bonder
  • Cyanoacrylate
  • 2 Part Fluids
  • Oil
  • Silicone
  • Thermal Interface Material
  • UV Curable


Fancort engineers can build tradition batch and in-line (conveyor) machines based on gantry, SCARA, or 6 axis motion.

Our machines are designed, built, and tested in house including up to class 4 laser safe enclosures.

Our machines are built around our process expertise in robotic soldering, dispense, PCB depaneling, laser marking, screw driving, pick-in-place, assembly, feeding and vision inspection.

All our equipments are Made in USA and inspected by our engineers before delivery.

We have field support in USA and MX.

Contact our Applications Engineers to help you develop your process.




We are able to perform vision based proof of concept tests for inspection, robot guidance, pattern matching, OCR, bar code reading.

Exciting new technologies from world leader Cognex enable us to harness new technologies such as artificial intelligence and high dynamic range (HDR) to solve previously impossible applications.

We are able integrate these capabilities into any custom robotic or machine build to create exceptional productivity and quality improvements.

We are a Partner System Integrator for Cognex and work with many major brands such as Keyence and Dalsa.

Get in touch with our team and we will provide a full solution to your problem




When your process demands quality, speed, precision and need to keep a low cost, Fancort has some of the industry’s most experienced expert CAD designers and tool makers.

This expertise is frequently used to support many aspects of our automation business including machine builds, new product development, custom fixtures, brackets, enclosures, and other proof of concept testing.

From a single fixture to a complete workstation

  • Assembly fixtures
  • Vision Fixtures
  • Test Fixtures
  • Dis-assembly fixtures
  • Soldering pallets
  • Screw Fastening Fixtures

Get in touch with our team and we will provide a full solution to your problem

We build and design the solution to fit your need



We have some of the industry’s most experienced expert tool makers.

A high-precision machine shop with CNC equipment with WIPS System.

Stutter grinding machines, Wire EDM, Lathes, Milling machines.

We have all the tools a company needs to supply the Aerospace, Electronics, Automotive, Industrial & Medical Division.

This expertise is frequently used to support many aspects of our automation business including machine builds, new product development, custom fixtures, brackets, enclosures, and other proof of concept testing.



Let our In-House team do the work for you.

Developing innovative products demands the contribution of a top-notch mechanical engineering company.

Whether you require turnkey product development, project development or input at a critical stage of the design process.

We provide:

1.Detailed RFQ

2.Detailed product design and technical specifications

3.Full Manufacturing support, from IDEA to Production.

4.Clean, editable CAD models

5.Bill of materials BOM

6.Assembly process and steps

7.Operator's manual

8.Maintenance manual


We can customize to fit your needs, for more information, click on the button or contact:

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