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Fancort pick and place solutions are designed to automate the process of picking up objects and placing them in specific locations, making them a valuable tool in industries such as manufacturing, electronics assembly, and packaging.

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Fancort has automated pick and place solutions that can address a wide range of common problems in industrial and manufacturing processes. Some of the most common problems solved with robots include:

Labor Intensive Tasks
High Precision Requirements
Increased Throughput
Consistency and Quality Control
Handling Fragile or Delicate Items
Random Object Orientation
Increased Safety
Reduced Material Wastage
Flexibility and Adaptability
Integration with Conveyor Systems
24/7 Operations
Reduction in Labor Costs
Improved Traceability
Solving Complex Geometries
Increased Production Efficiency

Fancort's Process


Our expertise aligns with your pick and place process.


We review your current pick and place problems and automation goals.

Detail and Define

Fancort will work with you to create a detailed proposal.

PO to Deployment

Fancort will provide weekly meetings, status updates, onsite install, training and support plans.

Why Automate?

Productivity Gains

Improve Cycle Time.
High precision.
Reduced Rework.
Lack of labor.

Operational Improvements

Lower expenses.
Increase uptime.
Reduce turnover / training.

Quality Improvements

Zero-defect requirements.

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CAD Design Proposal.
Sampling Reports in video/pictures.
Engineering Study to determine the best match to your application.

Fancort™ Robotic Pick and Place Solutions

Key Advantages

Automated Robotic Pick and Place: Key Advantages

Labor Intensive Tasks: Our pick and place solution can replace manual labor in repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, reducing the risk of worker fatigue, injuries, and human error.

High Precision Requirements: These robots excel at tasks that demand a high degree of precision and accuracy, such as placing small electronic components on circuit boards or assembling delicate items.

Increased Throughput: Pick and place robots can significantly increase production throughput by operating at high speeds and without the need for breaks, leading to enhanced efficiency and reduced cycle times.

Consistency and Quality Control: They ensure consistent and reliable handling of objects, minimizing variations and defects in the manufacturing process. This helps maintain high product quality and standards.

Handling Fragile or Delicate Items: Pick and place robots are capable of handling fragile or delicate items with care, making them suitable for industries like electronics and pharmaceuticals where product integrity is crucial.

Random Object Orientation: These robots often feature advanced vision systems and sensors that can identify and pick up objects, even when they are randomly oriented or positioned on a conveyor belt.

Increased Safety: By automating tasks that are potentially dangerous for human workers, such as handling hazardous materials or operating in extreme conditions, Epson pick and place robots enhance workplace safety.

Reduced Material Wastage: Minimize the occurrence of damaged or defective products due to manual handling errors can significantly reduce material wastage and production costs.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Our pick and place solutions have the option to be reprogrammed and adapted for various tasks, making them versatile in handling different products and production setups.

Integration with Conveyor Systems: Seamlessly integrate with conveyor systems, streamline material flow and ensure smooth transfer between different manufacturing processes.

24/7 Operations: Operate around the clock, allowing for continuous production without the need for shifts or breaks, which can be particularly beneficial in industries requiring non-stop manufacturing.

Reduce Labor Costs: Significant cost savings by reducing the need for manual labor, especially in tasks that would otherwise require a large workforce.

Improved Traceability: Robots can be equipped with tracking and traceability systems, making it easier to monitor and document the handling and placement of components, which is essential in industries with strict quality control requirements.

Solving Complex Geometries: For tasks involving intricate object manipulation or placement in complex patterns, pick and place robots can provide consistent and efficient solutions.

Increased Production Efficiency: Overall, the use of pick and place robots can result in increased production efficiency, reduced lead times, and enhanced competitiveness in the marketplace.

Sample Applications


Industry: Aerospace/Electronics/Automotive/Medical
Application: Custom Pick and Place/Packing Station
Design: Fancort RAD
Integrated by: Fancort RAD


Industry: Aerospace/Electronics/Automotive/Medical
Application: Custom Pick and Place Station
Design: Fancort RAD
Integrated by: Fancort RAD

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