New FR-2000 PCB Router
Run two programs simultaneously and cut change over time by 90%.
• Large panel size: 450mm x 450mm.
• Powerful gantry system.
• Small overall footprint.
• Vac filtering for ultra-clean operation.
• Twin table
• Real-time monitoring

Standard Features
• Twin Table
• Safety Light Curtain

Technical Specs
- High accuracy/powerful 3-axis gantry robot.
- Large panel size: 450mm x 450mm.
- Configuration: X, Y, & Z axis.
- Repeatability: ±0.02mm.
- Spindle Motor: 350 Watt High Power Spindle.
- Power: 1.0 KW vacuum blower with HEPA filter.
- Touch Screen & Teach Pendant for easy programming.

• High accuracy machine structure.
• Under/Over twin table with parallel programs (run two boards simultaneously).
• Smallest twin table footprint in the industry.
• Vac filtering for ultra-clean operation.
• Production Simulation to optimize routing accuracy.

Safety Features
• Full steel interlocked enclosure for noise, dust, and operator safety.
• Safety light curtain across the load/unload zone.


Options & Accesories

- Dedicated Fixtures.
- Pins available in different diameters and heights.
- QR Code Reader for traceability.
- MES Traceability and program selection.



FR-2000 PCB Router

Q: The FR-2000 looks similar to the FR-1000 but with an added twin table? How do they compare?
A: The FR-2000 is the most productive PCB router on the market offering standard twin table shuttle, automated MAG fixture, offline programming, and automated tool/ bit changer.

Q: Why is the FR-2000 the industry leader for productivity?
A: The FR-2000 offers blazing fast automatic fixture building, twin tables for simultaneous Loading/Routing and parallel processing. The machine can be customized to be robotically batch or inline loaded.

Q: What is the FR-2000 footprint?
A: The FR-2000 is the worlds smallest twin table machine at 40” X 40”

Q: Can the FR-2000 run two different panels at the same time?
A: Yes, the FR-2000 can run program A on table A while program B runs on table B.

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