Flexible Dispensing

Dispense liquids, adhesives, sealants, and other materials with high precision and speed.

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Dispensing Kits

Special for fluids from 100-400,000 centipoise with minimal and easy integration.

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About Fancort Robotic Dispensing

What is Robotic Dispensing?
Robotic soldering is when a robot joins different elements/parts/components by employing molten metal and placing it at the exact point to achieve fusion.

What are the advantages of Robotic Dispensing?
Robotic dispensing offers several advantages over manual dispensing, including:

Accuracy: Robotic dispensers are highly accurate and consistent, minimizing the risk of errors in dispensing.

Speed: Robotic dispensers can work quickly, allowing for faster turnaround times and more efficient workflows.

Safety: Robotic dispensers can help reduce the risk of exposure to hazardous materials, protecting the health and safety of workers.

Cost-effectiveness: While the initial investment in a robotic dispenser may be high, the long-term cost savings can be significant due to increased efficiency and reduced errors.

Top manufacturer.

What makes us a great manufacturer is the combination of five decades of experience, quality control, skilled workforce, technology, compliance, flexibility, and customer service to deliver high-quality products efficiently and effectively.

Some of our customers

Fancort customers include the following NASA engineering schools: MIT, John Hopkins, JPL, U of NH, MN, NM, TX and AZ. We are also a major supplier to the national labs system: Sandia, Draper, Fermi and Los Alamos.

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