High Accuracy Without Changeovers

The FLEX is a two-sided gull-wing lead forming system with automatic standoff control.

Simple changeover of die members, combined with accurate, repeatable changes in tip-to-tip length, can vary all the critical dimensions of most SMT footprints on various ceramic packages.


Fancort's dynamic solder pot/s with controls of heated Nitrogen.
Fancort preheater with thermocouple and controls.
Universal Robot for accurate placement into form and trim, tinning, etc.
Sturdy Enclosure with Light curtains, built to meet the customer requirements.
Docking stations for your matrix trays.
Optional Inspection for Bridging or dimensional compliancy.
Lead forming to Mil-STD-883K and IPC J-STD-001E-2010/April 2010.
Lead tinning is per IPC J-STD for soldering J-STD-001F module #3 and J-STD-001FS #6, Space Addendum.


Fancort is IPC J-STD-001ES CERTIFIED for tinning Space Grade flat packs and quad packs as of 18-November-2013
Automatic standoff control (B) to +/− .002” when used with the Fancort floating anvil press.
Removable die members for varying all critical dimensions such as shoulder, foot, radii, and lead material thickness without removing the tool from the press.
Adjustable tip-to-tip length using hand control with precision ball screw, anti-backlash, and digital readout.
Centering station with manual loader for higher throughput and the most accurate hands-free operation.
Patent number 4,907,628

6 Axis robot automation picking from a dedicated matrix tray preforming J-STD/ Space addendum gold removal.

SmartFlex™ SMT Trim and Form System

SmartFlex™ SMT Trim and Form System

Fancort newest SMT offering is the SmartFlex an Electronic Floating Anvil FLEX System that is PLC controlled. Here are some unique features that the PLC adds to the already top-of-the-line Automatic Standoff height control SMT Floating Anvil FLEX System.

This system will help the technician/operator make setups easier, faster, and with less chance of mistakes. Plus, everything will be documented and saved in the PLC for future use and/or modification when needed.

Automatic setup and adjustment of the “A” Standoff height.
Automatic setup and adjustment of the “D” Tip to Tip.
In the SMT forming specs library, the operator can choose existing forming specs linked to a list of internal Flex tool members (that the customer has on hand already) and will be required to process this new or existing IC part.
SMT Development Mode. This feature will prompt the technician to enter his required forming specs and help guide the operator to put in industry standards values. Once the values are accepted, the program will determine what internal tooling members will be used or have to be acquired. This unique program calculates spring back and has the Flex systems limitation, including;

For example, .012 “C” is the system's maximum lead thickness capability, and the program will not allow a value larger than .012 to be entered or saved.
Parts library, This section will have a list of all internal Flex tool members on hand for use that the user has acquired.
Internal Flex tool members will have a Bar code ID that will identify its critical dimensions when read with the reader provided with the system.
Internal Diagnostics, Operation manual, Factory support.



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