Fancort offers a High-End Flexible PCB Laser Cutting Machine. Adopted with high-performance UV laser cold light source, high-precision CCD image positioning technology and self-developed visual laser control software, this equipment perfectly implements contour cutting, drilling and marking of FPC and PCB, and precision processing of composite membrane.



Process Overview

Laser Cutting System is widely used in modern PCB/FPC industry. This laser cutting machine uses short wavelength laser (Ultra-violet) beam to scan the surface of the PCB, then the high-energy ultraviolet beam is in direct-affection to the surface of the molecular bonds of the flexible material. UV laser processing is "cold processing", the "cold" processing the target area of PCB/FPC with smooth edges and leave minimal carbonation on the board.

System Introduction

This PCB Laser Depaneling equipment is integrated with high-stability and the best performance UV laser generator. This equipment delivers great working area focus, power distribution ratio and small thermal affection that gives small cutting width and high cutting quality during processing. With sophisticated two-axis table and closed loop control module, it ensures fast cutting while maintaining micron magnitude of precision with modern technology of position sensors and CCD image capture application.

Suitable Processing Materials

Flexible circuit boards, rigid circuit boards, rigid-flex circuit board sub-board processing.
Rigid, flexible circuit board sub-board processing component is installed.
Thin copper foil, a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet (PSA), an acrylic film, a polyimide coating film.
Thickness of 0.6mm or less precision ceramic cutting, dicing; variety of cutting the base material (silicon, ceramics, glass, etc.)
Etching precision molding various functional films, an organic film and other precision cutting.
Polymer: polyimide, polycarbonate, polymethyl methacrylate, FR-4, PP, etc.
Functional film: gold, silver, copper, titanium, aluminum, chromium, ITO, silicon, poly-crystalline silicon, amorphous silicon and a metal oxide.
Brittle material: monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, ceramic and sapphire.

Technical Data

Technical Specs

Laser Laser Source 355 nm UV
Power 15 W
Coaxial Video Positioning B/W CCD
Scan Range 60×60 mm
Focused Spot Diameter <20 um (UV Laser)
Auto Focus System Z axis auto focus
Focus Control Precision 0.01 mm
Main structure configuration X-Y Working Platform Ac servo motor
Base High-precision granite platform
Travel Range 300×400 (Optional size range)
Platform Motion Resolution 0.5 um
Overall Control System IPC
Assisted Control System Mitsubishi PLC
CCD Lighting Source 620 nm red light LED
External Auxiliary Device Negative pressure air blower, dusting system
Processing Characteristics Processing Size Range 360×460 mm
Min Linear Width 20 um
Stitching Accuracy ±5 um
Scanning Head Correction Accuracy ±5 um
X-Y Table Correction Accuracy ±4 um
CCD Matching Accuracy 7 μm
Processing Accuracy ±4 micrometers
Processing Thickness <1 mm
Environmental Conditions Power Supply AC 220V±10%,50HZ,1P,3KVA
Fixture Customize to the needs
Document Format DXF, GBR, etc.
Environment Temperature 15-30°(constant temperature for high precision)
Environment Humidity <50%
Weight 1500KG
Mainframe Size 1350mm(W) ×1050mm(D) ×1950(H)


Equipment Introduction

The combination of high-precision, low-drift galvanometer and servo system platform brings excellent micron-level cutting accuracy, with a cutting accuracy of ±25um. Rich experience in process debugging, good beam quality, minimum line width 20um, small heat-affected zone, small thermal distortion, and heat-affected layer depth less than 0.1mm

The combination of stress-free cutting mode and full automatic CCD positioning system brings perfect cutting results, with smooth cutting edges, no sags, and no cutting residues. It can realize multi-board split cutting automatic positioning, automatic correction, automatic expansion and contraction compensation, and the splicing accuracy can reach 5um. The green and environmentally friendly cutting process effectively avoids the harm to the operator and the pollution to the environment. Support direct import of DXF files for cutting.

Overall Structure


Optical marble platform to ensure equipment stability;
A three-color lighting on the top shows the working status of the equipment in real time.
Equipment size: 1350mm(L) × 2000mm(W) × 1650mm(H) ; Weight:2000KG(Including chiller and dust collector).

Technical Data

Equipment performance parameters

Working Parameters



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