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Auto V–Cut Depaneling machine
This is a one of a kind, high-accuracy V-Cut depaneler. Cuts in 2 directions (X and Y axis), it's 100% more effective compared to a regular V-cut depaneler.

Easy to operate!
Just load the PCBA into the fixture and press start, the machine will do the job for you by cutting in "X axis, fixture will rotate 90 degrees and cut again performing "Y" axis cut. After cut parts will be held by a vacuum fixture for easy manipulation and outfeed.


  • Axis Stroke - X:360mm,Y:305mm
  • PCBA Size - 300mm*300mm
  • Position Accuracy - ±0.05mm
  • Cutting Speed - 500mm/sec max.
  • Lead Screw/Guide Track - Upper Lead screw and Guide Track
  • Control System - Programmable Controller
  • Cutting Direction - 0° and 90° direction
  • Machine Dimensions - 996mm*700mm*1576mm
  • Weight - 120KG
  • Power Supply - Single phase 110V / 60Hz 650W
  • Pneumatic Supply - 0.5~0.8 Mpa

For more information, contact:
(888) 326-2678
Important notice: 6-8 weeks lead time.
Disclaimer: Fancort Depaneling Equipment must be shipped through a Freight Carrier.
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