BPO-500E-F60 Smartpress™ Servo Presses

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Programmable Load Control for Common Applications

American built from high-quality components, these economical, programmable, electrically operated servo presses technology are designed for critical assembly applications that can't be executed with air or hydraulic presses


  • Shipped "Ready-to-Run!" or contact us for customizing. Programmable servo press for precision control of force, stroke, speed, dwell, and more from 5 to 60kgf Stroke length 4" Male threaded rod M 14 x 1.5mm Internal height adjustment 11" typical
  • Base with keyway and two bolts for tool mounting 8" x 6"
  • Dual non-contact safety control
  • Positioning accuracy of +/- .004" (.01mm). Closed-loop servo motor amplified
  • The max speed on the Smart Press™ is 100mm per second
  • Control force to a tolerance of +/- 10% of target point
  • Program and operate with user-friendly software, NO SPC
  • Store up to 15 programs. Program counter, repeat and loop capabilities
  • General Dimensions 11"x11"x27"
  • Weight 40lbs
  • Made in U.S.A.

Options available:

  • Integrated heated tool option: Compact high-reliability micro heaters and Thermo- Couples 0-500 F
  • Electrical Timing Circuit for Presses: Controls dwell time on downward stroke from milliseconds to 500 hours, and is completely adjustable. The activator on the air cylinder is adjustable to set the position of the beginning of the timing.

Safety Enclosure: P/N BP-SP-E

  • Standard enclosure for presses
  • Approximate size 12" x 12" x 26", custom sizes available
  • Door Safety interlock system included
  • Integrated two-hand safety system 
  • Aluminum ridged frame integrated 
  • Clear front panels and opaque side panels, open back STD for airflow
  • Optional ESD safe plastic available
Optional Press ergonomic risers, available in any height:

We can customize your Pneumatic Press to fit your needs, for more information, contact:

Robert Antonelli
(888)-326-2678 x 719


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