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Unix DF-404S

Fancort's Highly-Engineered Robotic Soldering Solutions

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The new generation desktop soldering robot for Industry 4.0

and IoT. UNIX-DF Series have improved its network function and

robotic motion. Fancort offers 3 types of robotic desktop soldering

according to PCB size. These are also applicable and optimized

for laser soldering.

One of the main features is connecting to factory network and making operation visible in real time.

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Japan Unix DF-404S DESKTOP Soldering Robot


• Four axis robot with simultaneous control


• Integrated with Japan Unix automatic soldering system consisting

of soldering controller, solder feeder and feed tube set, 250W

soldering head heater for point to point or line soldering,

graduated angle setter to perfectly reproduce solder feeder

position, iron tip cleaner (Vacuum type), one soldering tip

of your choice and switch box


• Solder feeder is controlled with a stepping motor

and is designed to process a specific wire diameter

from 0.5 to 1.2mm; optional parts can be easily changed

in the feeder to change wire diameter


• Replace tips in 30 seconds without waiting for

cool-down by removing the heather block assembly


• Range of operation in X, Y and Z is 400 x 365 x 10 mm:

360 degrees rotational axis


• Teaching pendant used for direct teaching of robot

work points and all soldering conditions


• Tip temperature range to 450C max


• Robot stores up to 255 programs on flash memory

with point memory capacity of 30,000


• External interface: RS-232C, two channels; One channel

for a PC and one channel for an optional unit


• I/O has 24 points for input and output


One year, no charge warranty on parts and labor for any manufacturing defects

causing components or system failure on UNIX-DF404S

DF-404 External View Diagram


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