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Introducing Fancort´s Universal Platform (UE1). Highly flexible and productive machine designed for a range of batch processes. Comfortable, productive, and most importantly Collaborative Ready when paired with a machine attendance robot.



UE1 can be configured as a batch machine for robotic soldering, PCB routing, dispensing, press fit, laser marking, screw fastening or just about anything.

Multi-functional Robots

The enclosure can safely house multi-functional gantry and desktop robots which are compatible with off-line programing and Gerber data file import via optional PC software.

Vision Equipped

UE1 comes equipped with an on-board PC based flexible machine vision system which can be configured to perform fiducial alignment, bar code reading, dimensional inspection, pattern recognition based quality checks.

Industrial Touch Screen GUI

Standard touch screen interface makes programing the vision system straight forward with the ability to extend the machine desktop onto any windows 10 equipped laptop or PC.

Industrial Teach Pendant

Robot motion and job functions are easily configure via industrial teach pendant.

Performance Specs

500 mm x 600mm x 200mm work area, up to 8kg payloads, speeds up 800 mm/s, 3D linear and arc interpolation motion, up to 999 programs, up to 16 input/16outputs, USB memory for teaching and data saving, built in 24v I/O power supply.

Technical Data


Number of Axes 3 Axes Synchronous Control
Stroke X Axis (mm) 300/400/500/600
Y Axis (mm) 300/400/500
Z Axis (mm) 50/100/150/200
R Axis (deg) -
Driver Motor   Feedback Control
X Axis
Y Axis
Z Axis
R Axis -
Maximum Portable Lead Tool (kg) 8
Maximum Speed
< PTP Movement > *1
X-Axis(mm/s) 700 800
Y-Axis(mm/s) 800
Z-Axis(mm/s) 400
R-Axis(deg/s) -
R-Axis Acceptable Moment of Inertia (kg ` cm2) -
Repeatability (mm)*2 X Axis (mm) ±0.02
Y Axis (mm) ±0.02
Z Axis (mm) ±0.02
R Axis (deg) -
  Robot W:Y-Axis Stroke + 426
D:X-Axis Stroke + 309
H:Z-Axis Stroke + 357
Controller 170 x 310 x 300
Mass (kg) Robot Varies depending upon stroke combination
Controller 7.5


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