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Collaborative robots from Universal Robots

Our three different collaborative robots are easily integrated into existing production environments. With six articulation points, and a wide scope of flexibility, the collaborative robot arms are designed to mimic the range of motion of a human arm. Select the size of the collaborative robot arm that best meets your needs below.

Universal Robot Robot Tending

Universal Robot Press Loading

Universal Robots Screw Fastening

Fancort Universal Robots Dispensing

Universal Robots Dispense, Pick & Place + Screw Fastening

Universal Robots Vibratory Feeder Pick & Place with Vision

LSF20 Laser Marking Demo Video

Fancort Japan Unix/Universal Robots UR3 Soldering System

Fancort Universal Robots Dispense + Conveyor System

Fancort Universal Robots Screw Driving, lock tight, custom Washer Presenter , Cognex inspection

UR Benefits

  • Easy Programming
  • Fast set up
  • Flexible re-deployment collaborative and safe
  • COBOTS fastest payback in the industry

For more information, contact:

James Levin
‭(973) 951-7849‬
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