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Epson SCARA Robots

Epson is the world leader in SCARA Robots with best in class value and performance. Fancort is a certified integrator with the capability to build custom machines to automate your industrial processes improving quality and increasing productivity.

Synthis T-Series

The Synthis T-Series virtually eliminates space-constraint issues. With a built-in controller, plus built-in power for end-of-arm tooling, these space-saving all-in-one robots have everything you need — and they install in minutes. Plus, they include the same intuitive Epson RC+ software and powerful features found in Epson’s high-end robots.

Synthis T3

The T3 has a small footprint, which is ideal for small spaces, and has up to a 400-mm reach and up to 3 kg maximum payloads.

Synthis T6

Like the T3, the T6 is compact but with an added reach of up to 600 mm, up to 6kg maximum payload, and its powerful arm is multi-tool capable.


Epson G-Series Robots provide extreme power of choice for our customers, with over 300 models available. With our new Max-E work envelope saving design, curved arm options for the G3 and Max-R high performance arm rigidity design, our G-Series Robots lead the industry in variety, features and performance.


G1 Mini SCARA Robots are perfect for small-footprint, light-payload applications where high precision, high speed and high performance are required.


G3 As the compact SCARA leader, the G3s are our 3rd generation of compact SCARA Robots, and provide high rigidity, high speed and high flexibility.


The G6 is the workhorse of the G-Series lineup, with arms that provide high speed, high performance and high precision.


High speed and high payloads come standard with Epson G10 Robots—they are a perfect fit for most medium size and payload applications.


With a 20-kg payload, unique high rigidity design and up to 1000 mm of reach, the Epson G20 is perfect for applications that require heavy payloads and large work areas.


Epson RS-Series Robots are more than just SCARA Robots. We call them SCARA+ more, as they have a unique ability to move the second axis underneath the first axis, which allows them to move throughout the entire workspace—giving them both work envelope AND speed advantage. They also have repeatabilities down to 0.010 mm and cycle times of .339 seconds. Ask us about a cycle time mockup for your next application so we can show you the Epson Advantage and how the RS-Series SCARA+ Robots can work for your next application.


With a 350-mm reach, RS3-351 SCARA+ Robots can work on pallets that usually require SCARA Robots twice the size. Super-fast with excellent work envelope usage, the Epson RS3 Robots are perfect for your next high-speed SCARA-type application.


The Epson RS4-551 provides 550 mm of reach and is capable of handling up to 4 kg payloads. With a work envelope area of an 1100 mm diameter circle, the RS4 has more available workspace than the competition.


The Epson LS-Series SCARA Robots were created as the low-cost, high-value, high-performance factory solution, and use a wide variety of low-cost technologies including the new RC90 Controller. Still packed with the outstanding performance, flexibility and reliability our users have come to expect, our LS-Series SCARA Robots have everything ranging from high-performance motion control with our PowerDrive Technology, to available integrated options such as Vision Guide, .Net connectivity, DeviceNet, Profibus and more.


Epson high-performance, low-cost LS3 Robots are part of our value line of SCARA Robots. LS3 arms are available with a 400-mm reach and payload capabilities up to 3 kg, and come with the RC90 Controller and Epson RC+ 7.0 software—leading the industry in ease of use.


Epson LS6 Robots are the longer-reach models of our SCARA Robots, with arms available in 500, 600 or 700 mm reach versions, and payload capabilities up to 6 kg—providing a variety of sizes and options for your application. They come with the RC90 Controller and Epson RC+ 7.0 software, which leads the industry in ease of use.


Epson LS20 Robots have 800 and 1000 mm arm lengths with 20 kg payloads, and are available at a low cost. They are perfect for larger-part handling as required for automotive, industrial and packaging applications. LS20 Robots come with the RC90 Controller and Epson RC+ 7.0 software, which leads the industry in ease of use.

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