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Soldering Modules

For integration with existing equipment

Japan unix has incorporated the core technologies from its accumulated soldering expertise into various soldering module and unit products. Those soldering units will enable existing machines automate soldering operation. Any types of soldering robots must have the feature of solder feeder, heating mechanism such as an iron tip soldering head or laser soldering unit. Soldering controllers manage both soldering temperature and the amount of solder alloy. Japan unix differentiates soldering modules with our confident experience, which will bring differentiated advantages to customers.

Soldering Heads

Soldering Feeders


Tip Cleaners

Laser Soldering

Ultrasonic Soldering

Robotic soldering module USP5

Robotizing human operation with simple & sophisticated soldering modules for anyone, anywhere.

The system consists of three units, keeping cost low and making installation feasible.

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