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Robotic Screw Fastening

Automated Screw Fastening for Medium to High Volume Production

Automatic screw fastening systems with desktop or SCARA robots will increase throughput on a variety of assembly applications. These systems are completely integrated and include robot (desktop or SCARA), electric drivers, screw feeder systems. Our automation department can customize the system to suit your needs.

  • Fancort Screw Fastening Brochure 2018-Compressed
  • Interactive software and a remote teaching pendant makes it easy to program screw tightening conditions such as thread pitch, screw length, rotational speed and X, Y, Z work points without doing any manual calculations.
Several drivers are available including:
  • Electric drivers with mechanical clutch for routine screw fastening applications are the most economical with a torque range from (.028N.m) and a tolerance of +/-6%. For tighter torque control and verification of torque values we offer servomotor drivers.
  • Servomotor drivers are designed to more accurately control rotation and monitor torque by measuring the current to produce the correct torque value with a tolerance of +/-3%. Small and large drivers are available with a torque range from (.007N.m) for small screws, to (5N.m) for larger screws. The driver uses a two-stage motion with high rpm at the start of the run-down cycle, a momentary pause and final torque setting at a slower rpm. The driver or robot can also monitor screw depth to ensure that the screw is properly seated and has reached the programmed torque value. The controller can store up to 16 programs. Another servomotor driver is available with similar features but can produce a data log in Nm.
  • Robot repeatable accuracy of +/-.01mm.
  • Various screw feeder systems are available that can be changed in less than five minutes for different screw types and sizes, including a blow feeder for higher volume applications.
  • Four models of three or four axis robots with work areas from 200mm x 200mm x 50mm to 510mm x 510mm x 150mm, including SCARA robots for in-line production or large fixtures.
  • Fixtures and tooling available from Fancort.
  • Screw Feeders
  • Screw Fastening Datasheet
  • Tightening Conditions Setting Screen

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