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UNI-CYCLONE® High Speed, Centrifugal Mixers

Mix and Defoam with Simultaneous Rotation and Revolution


  • Rapidly mix high viscosity materials without an impeller into fine uniformity in a very short time without air bubbles using rotational and centrifugal forces
  • Program mixing mode, speed and time using built-in software; store up to 10 programs, unlimited memory when using a PC
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean and operate
  • Unit can handle canisters, syringes and cartridges
  • Four models to handle mixing weight from 80g to 2kg of material at one time
  • Centrifugal rotation speeds from 1000 - 2000 rpm
  • Mixing method is double self-centrifugal rotation
  • Timer setting from 0 sec - 99 min 50 sec
  • Safety functions: door, vibration and rotation sensors and emergency stop watch
  • Power supply: single-phase 100 - 120 V AC or 220 to 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • PC software integrated as standard

Basic Operation:

  • Load your material container into the mixer
  • Adjust the counter balancer to the measured gross weight of the container
  • Set timer, mode and speed
Once the mixing recipe is registered to memory, the operation will be as easy as: Recall memory - Press the start button
Click here to view the UNI-Cyclone Double (Self-Centrifugal) Rotation Method Defoaming Mixer Brochure
Specifications UM-113 UM-113S* UM-117   UM-118 UM-125
Mixing Capacity Net 500g x
1 cup 150ml
Net 80g x
1 cup 120ml
Net 500g x
2 cups 300ml
Net 500g x
2 cups 300ml 
Net 1kg x
2 cups 1100ml 
Centrifugal Rotation Speed 1000 rpm 2000 rpm 2000 rpm 1500 rpm  1000 rpm
Dimensions 11x11x16 11x11x16 15x15x18 15x15x18 19x20x22
Cost $6395 $6395 $12,175 $18,125 $28,800
Weight 21kg/46lbs 21kg 30kg 37kg

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