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Servo Presses: 0.5 to 5000kgf

Increase Load Control for Special Applications

Fancort Industries has been building pneumatic and servo presses for the aerospace industry for more than 40 years. Our new line of Smart Press™ adds advanced load control. Fancort presses are hand made in New Jersey buy skilled craftsmen which means Fancort can customize, design, and build any press for your unique application. Our standard presses come ready to run with only shop air required.


SERVO SmartPress™: TO 600kgf

Designed for applications that require a high degree of control of speed, distance, force and dwell time that can’t be done with pneumatics. These SmartPresses™ come in 3 models (60kgf, 200kgf and 600kgf) in a sturdy frame with an adjustable column, easy tool mounting and optical controls.

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Designed for applications like the Fancort Smart Press, but require greater force and integrated load cell. Built on a very heavy-duty frame with optional software for downloading data, off-line programming and data-output. Models of these servo presses are available with a force range from 50kgf to 5000kgf including clean-rooms.

Model Force(Kgf) Newtons Lbs
BP-500E-60 0.5-60 5.0-600 1.1-132
BP-700E-600 (coming soon) 175-600 1750-6000 385-1322
JP-054 5-50 50-500 11-110
JP-104 10-100 100-1000 22-220
JP-204 20-200 200-2000 44-440
JP-504 50-500 500-5000 110-1100
JP-1004 100-1000 1000-10000 220-2200
JP-1504 150-1500 1500-15000 330-3300
JP-2004 200-2000 2000-20000 440-4400
JP-3004 300-3000 3000-30000 660-6600
JP-5004 500-5000 5000-50000 1100-11000
Features BP-500E-60 BP-600E-200 BP-700E-600
Program force from .5 to 60kgf 66 to 203kgf 110 to 611kgf
Integrated heated tool option

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