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Electro Press Models from 5kgf to 5000kgf

Programmable servomotor electric press for complex assembly, testing and 100% part inspection with integrated load cell that will dramatically improve the quality and accuracy of your finished parts.


Program force, speed, distance stop position, stop load and dwell time with built-in software, or use optional JP Soft software, which includes JP Designer for data teaching, OK/NG judgement setting on a PC, JP Reporter to enable quality control, a JP Sampler time series and a data/CPK analysis on a PC.

  • Models from 5kgf to 5000kgf
  • Repeatable accuracy of +/-.005mm
  • Soft sensors can be programmed
  • Constant speed/set stop position, stop load and distance mode
  • Constant load/time pressing, set top position & distance mode
  • Store up to 100 patterns in flash memory; use PC for unlimited pattern storage
  • Traceability with data collection of all parameters into Excel, CSV and HTML including graphing
  • Class 10 Clean Room Model JP1004CL
  • Holding time to 999.9 sec in 0.1 sec increments
  • Ram stroke: 80, 100 and 200mm depending on model; longer strokle option available
  • Ram stroke accuracy in .001mm increments
  • Ram speed pressing in increments of .01mm/sec
  • Display in N, kgf, lb, mm, in and in six languages
  • External I/O: 17 inputs, 16 outputs, RS232C
  • NPN is standard; PNP is optional
  • AC servomotor controlled with 32 bit processor
  • Power options: 220VAC 1-phase or 220VAC 3-phase, optional
  • OSHA approved two-hand safety control
  • One year waranty

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Common Uses for the Electro Press
Force Range Options

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