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Janome JR 3000 RU

Desktop Depaneling Robot

Fancort offers a wide choice of PCB routers including two desktop models that are available with twin tables for increased through-put. The two desktop routers only differ in the use of fixtures. The "up-vac" model can use our adjustable fixture making it ideal for CM's with a high mix of panels. The "down-vac" model is designed for use with dedicated fixtures where the production runs are longer, there is no time lost in fixture set-up, and no risk of an operator making the wrong set-up. Finally our new floor mounted routers offer a vision system and camera system for programming along with some other unique features.


  • Reduces the stress on PC Boards
  • Router Cutting Method
  • Vacuum system for Down Vac version sits under the board support fixture for removing debris and dust.
  • High precision spindle motor performs stress free cutting for smooth and easy depaneling.
  • Cuts straights lines, curves and angles.
  • Fancort will design and build your fixtures
  • For in-line applications, a SCARA routing system is available
  • Optional enclosure available
  • New functions!
  • Led shows when to change bits
    • Router Wear Signal
    • We've added an indicator to display router bit sharpness. When the robot's cumulative work hours exceed the limit you set, the switchbox LED shows you it is time to replace the router bit.
  • Cut just the right amount
    • Tool Offset Function
    • We've added an editing function which lets you offset the router bit's diameter. You can incorporate CAD for easy and precise cutting.
  • Easy router positioning
    • USB Camera Teaching (Optional)
    • Set points using a camera image on your PC screen.
    • Teaching is easy; just choose the job you want from among the icons.

Main specifications

JR 3203 RU
JR 3303 RUJR 3403 RU
(Double Column Type Only)
JR 3503 RU

JR 3603 RU

Depaneling Range LimitX & Y Axes195×190mm295×315mm395×395mm505×505mm505×615mm
Z Axis35mm90mm82mm95mm95mm
Max. PTP SpeedX & Y Axes700mm/sec900mm/sec
Z Axis250mm/sec400mm/sec
Max. CP SpeedXYZ Combined600mm/sec850mm/sec
Cutting Trajectory Precision0.2mm(nominal standard)
RepeatabilityX Axis±0.006mm±0.007mm±0.008mm±0.008mm
Y Axis±0.01mm
Z Axis±0.008mm
Applicable Board MaterialsGlass Epoxy, Paper Phenol, etc. (maximum board thickness 1.6mm)
Power SourceAC100~120V±10% / AC200~240V±10% (single phase)
Power Consumption250W
Supplied Air Pressure0.5Mpa (5kgf/cm²) *Dry Air
Air Consumption Volume200Nℓ/min or more
Spindle MotorRated Rotating Speed:40,000r/min

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