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Moderate Volume


Board Type Board Material Max Board Length Max Board Thickness Capacity Automation Stress Level
Score FR-4 16" 1.5mm Low Low Higher


  • Use both round and linear knives to reduce stress
  • Linear bearing ensures proper blade alignment
  • Adjustable table height
  • Safety guides in front of moveable knives


  • Overload protection M
  • Microprocessor Board
  • Relay
  • Photoelectric Safety Se
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Sensor Reflector

Spare Parts & Services:

VPD3-1CK (circular blade)$455.00 Add to Cart
VPD3C-1LK (linear blade)$620.00 Add to Cart
VPD3C-1CG (set of circular blade guides )$257.00 Add to Cart
VPD3-1CKS (resharpeng circ blade)$70.00 Add to Cart
VPD3C-1LKS (resharpen linear blade)$255.00 Add to Cart

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