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FR-1000 Stand Alone PCB Router

Universal or Dedicated Fixtures and Fiducial Recognition

Introducing Fancort´s FR-1000 stand alone collaborative ready PCB router machine, specially designed as a low cost solution to meet medium volume PCB depaneling requirements with a machine that provides the mechanical properties necessary for reliable accurate depaneling.

The FR-1000 is capable of depaneling boards up to 406mm x 444mm and up to 3 mm thick, single working area machine with top vac dust removal system, and 350 watt high speed spindle.


  • Large panel size: 406mm x 444mm.
  • Powerful gantry system.
  • Easy vision jog and teach programming.
  • Small overall footprint.
  • Vac filtering for ultra clean operation.
  • Fiducial mark vision alignment.
  • Vision based bar code and pattern recognition program selection.
  • Manufactured in the USA/NJ by Fancort Industries, backed with one year warranty.
  • Quick release for fast bit changeover.
  • Fixture comes standard equipped as a universal fixture but can also easily accept dedicated tooling for fast change over for mixed environments.
  • Optional pneumatic automatic door to help input and output of the material either by a collaborative robot or by the operator.


Configuration: X, Y, & Z axis.
Manipulator Motors: 3 axis stepper motors.
Manipulator Repeatability: ±0.02mm.

Routing Capability
Non routing speed: 800 mm/s.
Routing speed: up to 25mm/s max depending on material, cutting quality and tool diameter.
Repeatability: <±0.02mm straight lines, curves & interpolated profiles.

Panel Location: Adjustable fixture with ability to add dedicated fixture plates.
Loading: Manual or Collaborative Robot Loading.
Panel Size: 406mm x 444mm (16” x 17.5”).
Panel Thickness: 0.5 mm – 3.0 mm.

Spindle System
Spindle Motor: 350 Watt High Power Spindle.
Max Speed: 60,000 rpm.
Tool Change: Manual tool change.
Cooling: Ambient cooled.
Router Bit: Shank size 3.175 mm (1/8”).

Dust filtration system
Power: 1.0 KW vacuum blower with HEPA filter.
Filtration: 3 stage filtration with disposable filter bag (10 microns).
Vacuum Location: Top vacuum on spindle.

Vision System
High resolution CCD video teaching camera.
Fiducial correction.
High quality touch screen monitor GUI standard.

On line: Vision assisted point to point manual teaching.
Editing Function: Dry run vision assisted/test run mode.
Variable Functions: Tool bit diameter compensation, Filter change interval (distance) setting.
Gerber File Import with PC software for offline programming.

Safety Features
Full steel interlocked enclosure for noise, dust, and operator safety.

Machine Dimensions & Utilities
Machine size: 1.00 M x 1.00M x 1.8M.
Weight: 300 kg.
Power Supply: 120/1/60 V for machine and separate Vacuum.


  • Dedicated Fixture Plates.
  • High Power Vacuum.
  • Gerber File Import.
  • Cobot Mounting Station.
  • Pneumatic Automatic Door.

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Steve Hoover
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