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Lead Cutters: F-3A Adjustable Cutter for Flatpack

Tie bar cutters are a vital part of the forming and trimming process, specifically for Quad Packs and/or any metal or ceramic devices that have tie bars. Tie bars are on the parts to protect the leads from damage during shipping from the manufacturer. They are normally in the way during the form and trimming operation. If they are not removed then the part cannot be formed and trimmed in most lead forming tools.

Universal one-sided tools are available that can remove/cut the tie bar one side at a time.


  • Trim leads from .080" min to .850" max
  • "Digital Micrometers" on all tools, which can be switched from inch to metric and zero'd for easy recalibration and/or resetting by the operator.
  • Process packages up to 3" long
  • Leads clamped during trimming
  • Fits Fancort 3300 hand press or 5000L air press
  • Moveable nest to hold packages during trimming
  • Plated to prevent rusting
  • View Comparison of Adjustable Tie Bar Cutters (PDF)
  • View Lead Cutters Data Sheet (PDF)

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Robert Antonelli
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