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Lead Cutters: Dedicated Lead Cutters F-3/4

Dedicated cutters are a vital part of the forming and trimming process, specifically for Quad Packs and/or any metal or ceramic devices that have tie bars. Tie bars are on the parts to protect the leads from damage during shipping from the manufacturer. They are normally in the way during the form and trimming operation. Dedicated tools are available that can remove/cut the tie bar whole or in pieces. Options available are as follows:


  • F-3 Two-sided cutter
  • F-3/4 Four-sided fixed cutter - leaves ring
  • F-3/4T Four-sided fixed cutter - to cut the tie bar, only
  • F-3/4C Four-sided fixed cutter - to cut the tie bar CORNERS, only**
  • **NOTE: Because of tie bar construction this option needs to be carefully reviewed to make sure your part will not have tie bar collisions during the form and trim operation in our dedicated tool
  • F-3/4CT Four-sided fixed cutter to cut the tie bar CORNERS and tie bars into pieces
  • F-3/4TC Four-sided fixed cutter to remove MCR (Molded Carrier Ring) in one operation
  • Note: All of the above tools are compatible with the F-1A/4 and F-1F/4 dedicated tools noted in our product offering
  • Optional plating to prevent rusting and increase cutter life is available and highly recommended
  • Available for two or four-sided packages of any size
  • Shear action to reduce stress
  • Lifter built in for easy part removal, if needed
  • Fits Fancort hand or air presses

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