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Dedicated Tooling: Manual Standoff Control Tooling

These are our most common high quality dedicated tools, for flat packs and quad packs needing precision standoff control. These tools can operate in almost any press, hand or air. They have a manual adjustable and lockable micrometer that allows you to control and set the standoff height, if the body thickness varies. The micrometer is available in inch or metric and is, also, now available with electronic / digital readouts for our international and domestic customers. These tools can process 1, 2 or 4-sided parts for SMT and standard gullwing and can, also, be specially configured to produce Omega bends, for when maximum strain relief is required.

  • Accurate registration via outside lead frame on quadpacks for easy part removal
  • Connection for ESD protection
  • The body of the part floats free when the leads are clamped to insure no stress is transferred to the body of the device being formed
  • Coplanarity of .004" or better
  • Lifter mechanism on quadpacks for easy part removal
  • Meets MIL and JEDEC specs
  • Standoff controlled with unique wedge design that applies no pressure on the lockable micrometer
  • Use in Fancort Hand or Air Press
  • Tool and Application Photos of Axial Parts Formed to SMT
  • Data Sheet
F-1A for Two-Sided Packages
F-1A/4 for Four-Sided Packages
F-1 Two-sided tool with fixed leg length, No Micrometer, provided F-1A/1 for One-Sided Packages F-1/1 One-sided tool with fixed leg length, No micrometer, provided
Quad Pack Nest and Optional Corner Cutting
Quad Pack Nest with Quad Installed and Optional Corner Cutting

Proper Component Fit
"typical nest and proper fit of the component body"
Bottom Brazed Nest
"special stepped nest for bottom brazed components"

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Robert Antonelli
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