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Fancort Fluid Robotic Dispensing Solutions

Precision Engineered Valves Make the Difference

Fancort offers a complete array of highly engineered robotic dispensing solutions. Our valves and controllers are manufactured in the USA and are integrated with state of the art Janome robots to provide extremely high reliability systems. Every system is built and tested by Fancort Industries Inc. in New Jersey and supported by our team of in house engineers and technicians. When selecting a dispensing system it is highly important to select a system and most importantly a valve set that is compatible with the process fluid.


Desktop Dispensing Systems

Fancort offers 3 models of desktop robotic dispensing systems (working areas: FD200V (200X200mm), FD300V (300X320mm), & FD400V (400X400mm). Build on the highly reliable Janome desktop robot platform, each is designed to work with a pneumatic controller and comes standard with controller, tech pendant, syringe, & mounting bracket. In some cases optimal results will require the addition of an engineered valve and/or controller upgrade. We encourage customers to fill out an application development form and send samples for a free trial run.

Universal Robots Dispense Kits

Fancort offers a plug-in-play fluid dispense kit that fits all Universal Robots - the world’s leading cobots. These kits are designed to dispense fluids from 100-400,000 centi-poise with minimal and easy integration including a universal mounting bracket that works for the standard syringe as well as our precision engineered valves. The base kit is available for online purchase for $3750.00 and includes everything you need to get started including needles and test gel. Click here for more details.

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Dispensing Controllers

Fancort offers 3 types of precision dispensing controllers for optimal control and flexibility. We offer a digital syringe controller or digital shot timer which is ideal for solder paste, UV adhesives, and masking materials which don’t require an engineered valve. Our digital valve controller comes with 2-position, 4-way valve to operate Fancort valves. Our servo valve controller is required to operate our auger valve and offers programmable pneumatic and servo motor controls in a single unit.

Engineered Dispensing Valves

Fancort offers a full array of standard and customizable valves to fit most applications. Standard valves include diaphragm, front closing needle, radial coat, jet, volumetric, non-contact micro, spray, high flow, positive displacement metering, dynamic mixing, component mixing, servo driven auger, and many customs options. Please fill out our application development form or contact a sales engineer for more information.

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