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Fancort Industries to Display Its SMT Product Line at Productronica

CALDWELL, NJ ― August 2015 ― Fancort Industries, Inc. will exhibit in Hall B2, Booth 389 at the Productronica International Trade Fair, scheduled to take place Nov. 10-13, 2015 at the Messe München exhibition center in Munich, Germany. Fancort is a leader in the design and fabrication of lead forming and cutting equipment, primarily for SMDs and some through-hole applications. The company will showcase its wide selection of equipment and services designed to meet all requirements from prototype to moderate production, specializing in processing high-reliability aerospace grade devices to exacting SMT tolerances. Fancort will display its standard line of SMT products, including:

F-1B/1 ONE-SIDED and Flex TWO-SIDED lead forming systems

Fancort’s ONE-SIDED Universal SMT lead form and trim systems are designed for processing two- and four- sided Flat packs and Quad packs into a gull wing configuration. Two models are available that process one side of a package per press stroke for high mix, low-volume production and R&D requirements.

The TWO-SIDED SMT Flex system is the most versatile and accurate adjustable production tool on the market for most Flat Packs and Quad Packs. The Flex is the only system that can accurately center Quad Packs in a two-sided system, allowing the leads of any Quad Pack to meet the X-Y pads on a PCB every time. The centering station and the loader also reduce operator error and handling. The Floating Anvil Automatic System physically measures the standoff height of every part run in the system.

Fancort's dedicated tooling is designed for high quality forms with the most accurate tolerances. With low to high production and less handling than the universal systems, these tools are ideal for typical military parts that are expensive and need to be formed correctly 100 percent of the time. Dedicated SMT manual and automatic standoff height control Floating Anvils that can process all sides of the part in one operation will be on display.

Fancort’s production aids include adjustable matrix trays for custom SMT devices, coplanarity inspection mirrors, standoff measuring tools and vacuum pens.

Company representatives also will discuss Fancort’s component lead preparation services with in-house tooling. Fancort uses unique universal and dedicated tooling systems and complete process control to ensure accuracy and quick turnaround of parts to JEDEC and/or mil-spec dimensions, with optional services such as leak testing and tinning if required.

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