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Electronics Production Specialist Since 1973


Global Provider of Custom Solutions


Fancort has extensive experience as a manufacturer and integrator of production solutions for electronics manufacturers, with a strong competency in both precision tool design and automation. Founded in 1973 as a tool and die shop, our capabilities have expanded into a complete line of products and services including:

  • Robotic soldering
  • Robotic dispensing
  • Robotic screw fastening
  • Press fit machines
  • PCB laser marking
  • PCB depaneling
  • PCB racks
  • SMT lead forming
  • Industrial presses
  • Custom automation

Aerospace & Military

Fancort has been a world leader in Aerospace lead forming equipment and services for SMDs and through-hole applications. We offer prototype to production equipment specializing in processing high-reliability devices to exacting tolerances. Fancort Industries is ITAR registered, a NASA and Johnson Space Center approved supplier of Forming and Tinning Services. Fancort customers include the following NASA engineering schools: MIT, John Hopkins, JPL, U of NH, MN, NM, TX and AZ. We are also a major supplier to the national labs system: Sandia, Draper, Fermi and Los Alamos.


Electronic technology is critical to advancing automotive performance and functionality. In today’s automotive industry, advancements in computerization have increased the presence of soldering technology needed. Sensors and other electronic components are necessary to increase the performance of modern automobiles. These are mounted using a solder, illustrating how important this technology is in the functionality of automobiles.


Health and medical treatments are advancing globally and new devices are profoundly influencing human lives. These devices require high quality and reliability due to their role, and must be designed and manufactured with specialized knowledge and experience. The use of robotic soldering is uniquely suited to meet these requirements. Japan UNIX is the global leader in robotic soldering and has a team of skilled experts for customers to rely on for a high level of support.


Fancort sells its lines of pneumatic and servo presses and dispensing solutions to the industrial market. This includes a wide range of manufacturers, many of which produce consumer products such as appliances and cell phones.