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  • Electrical timing circuit (as shown on the BP-500 Series) to control downward dwell time from less than 1 second to 500 hours. 
  • Dual regulator for low force operations from 50-1175 lbs.  
  • Non-Rotating Ram, BPNR-1000  
  • Longer Stroke available up to 9" STD
  • Non-Contact electronic two-hand OSHA approved safety controls require no pressure. 
  • Safety Guard Enclosure
  • For high temperature applications, Viton protected cyclinders  
  • Case History: Servo Press with Heater Plates

Examples of Fancort custom designed heated tool in Presses

Die Mounting Accessories
Part Number Description
BP-SC100 Round Collar for die shank mounting, 1.5" diameter x 1" deep
BP-HC100 Horseshoe Collar for die mounting
BP-HCT100 Standard "T" for use with horseshoe collar

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