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Celebrating Over 47 Years of Success and Innovation

Over the past four decades, West Caldwell, NJ-based Fancort Industries has become a leader in electronic production products. Our mission is to provide high-quality solutions to solve problems and to deliver comprehensive support to our customers.

Crucial to our growth has been our ability to master doing business operations on a global scale. This means being culturally sensitive, willing to learn from others and willing to change the way we do things if we find a new system that works better. Our main production facility is in New Jersey, but we have customers that are companies and governments in countries including China, India, Russia, Mexico, Canada, and the Middle East.

As an early innovator in Aerospace lead forming equipment, Fancort builds equipment that is critical to satellites including the international space station and the Jupiter Space probe – all still flying today and highly regarded by NASA, its contractors and major semiconductor suppliers. It was this expertise in electronic component processes that allowed Fancort to steadily expand from lead forming equipment into PCB manufacturing solutions including: robotic soldering, robotic dispensing, robotic screw fastening, press fit machines, PCB laser marking, PCB depaneling, PCB racks, SMT lead forming, industrial presses and custom automation. Fancort is ITAR certified and maintains ISO certification for the lead forming services division.

Jared Sandman is Owner and President of Fancort, responsible for setting the company's vision, strategy, and new product development. Jared joined Fancort in 2015, and has expanded the partnership with Japan UNIX, delivering automated robotic soldering solutions, which has helped Fancort grow its area of expertise.