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The perfect calibration of servo motor, harmonic reducer and kinematic algorithm inside Dobot M1 has brought out the best of strength and speed.

App Control & Connectivity

Speed 200°/s

Payload 1.5kg

Reach 400mm


Linear speed


Degree of freedom


Z-axis speed

100-240V, 50/60 Hz

Power supply

RS-232,Ethernet, WIFI,Bluetooth

Communication Interface

Dobot M1 Specifications
ReachArm 1 + Arm 2400 mm
PayloadRatings1.5 kg
Cycle time0.45s
RangeArm 1±90°
Arm 2±135° 
Z Axis250 mm
End effector±180°
Maximum SpeedJoint Speed200°/s
X/Y Axis2000 mm/s 
Z Axis1000 mm/s
Repeatability0.02 mm
Power supply100 -240 V, 50/60 Hz
CommunicationRS-232, Ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth
I/O24V input×8, 24V output×8
Height670 mm
Base size130 mm × 115 mm × 12 mm