Robotic Soldering Application Development Form for Sample Test Trial

1. End User Information
Contact Name
City State Zip
Phone Email
Todays Date
2. Application Information: Please describe your application:

3. Production Data
a. How many parts are you currently producing per shift?
b. How many shifts do you have per day?
c. How long are the shifts?
d. How would you describe issues of quality?
e. What type of system are you considering: Desktop In-Line SCARA, or 700V Multi-Articulated
f. Would you like us to quote a complete system with conveyor
g. Is this a lead-free application
h. Any requirements on % of fill for bottom-side of through-hole soldering?
4. Solder and flux material:

Please specify the type, diameter, material breakdown, and manufacturer of the solder you are now using:
Would you like us to use your exact solder?
Note: Do not send solder wire that is thicker than 0.8mm (.032).
If you want Fancort to use the exact wire solder for proof of concept, please include at least one-half role of wire solder with your sample parts.
What type of flux are you using?
5. Iron tip temperature in your current process:
What is the current soldering tip temperature?
What is the maximum soldering tip temperature?
6. Current cycle time for parts:
How long does it currently take for you to solder the parts?
7. Target cycle time for parts:
What is your target time to solder the parts?
8. If you purchase a system, where will it be located?
9. Other Information:

10. Would you like a video of this application?
11. Do you anticipate needing both point-to-point and line soldering in the future?
12. If needed, can we send your parts to Japan UNIX in Japan?

Please send this sheet with at least ten loose work pieces, a spool of your solder with a complete finished sample to the address and contact below:
Phil Van Pelt
Fancort Industries, Inc.
31 Fairfield Pl.
West Caldwell, NJ 07006
Phone: 1-888-Fancort ; ext. 239 Fax: 973-575-9234
For more information, contact:

Jared Sandman  

888-326-2678 x712
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