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Robotic Soldering from Fancort & Japan UNIX

World Leaders in Robotic Soldering: Contact, Laser, & Ultrasonic

Japan UNIX and Fancort Industries deliver automated robotic soldering solutions that meet the demands of applications that are too challenging for hand soldering. Manual soldering, even with the most skilled operator, cannot produce the consistent results of a soldering robot. Fancort is the exclusive North American distributor for Japan UNIX, the world leader in robotic soldering. Our robotic solutions are available for contact soldering, laser soldering, or new ultrasonic soldering and can be delivered in a variety of robotic platforms including in-line systems for higher throughput. We can also provide you with soldering modules for integration into your own automation cell. Fancort can deliver a turnkey system including the fixturing that is required to ensure 100% repeatability of the equipment. Our Customer Center with UNIX equipment is available for testing of your parts.


Mid-size soldering robot

  • For work up to 300mm x 275mm
  • Solder feeder with 5 stepping motor
  • Improve detection sensor of solder shortage & jam
  • Integral onboard controller


Wide-area soldering robot

  • For work up to 400mm×365mm
  • Supports M-size PCBs
  • Solder feeder with 5 stepping motor
  • Improve detection sensor of solder shortage & jam
  • Integral onboard controller

STANDARD CONFIGURATION (for tip soldering)

Onboard controller Controls robot motions and soldering operation

Precision solder feeder The resolution of 0.072mm/pulse (for φ0.5-1.5mm wire)

Clean-cut feeder Reduces flux splatter and solder balls

Lock-on mechanism Ensures steady feeding position and prevents slippage

Iron tip cleaner Air blower type

Heater and temp. regulator for robotics Special heater and temp. regulator with CA sensor

Soldering head For point and linear soldering

Teaching pendant Easy control and configuration

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  • One head can do point-to-point and line soldering
  • Solid core solder tips with 0.5mm of plating retain heat from point-to-point
  • Change tip in 30 seconds by removing the heater block assembly
  • Standard 200W cross heater with built-in thermocouple, 300W optional
  • Graduated angle setter with tooling pins to accurately reproduce solder feed position when changing programs
  • Precisely feeds solder wire from 0.5 to 1.2mm diameter; optional 0.2mm; feeder is wire specific
  • Program robot path, speed and all soldering conditions on teach pendant, up to 255 soldering conditions
  • Tip temperature range to 450ºC
  • Alarms: out of solder, solder jamming, heater control
  • Four desktop models with work area from 200x200mm up to 510x510mm
  • For in-line automation two robotic options. Each system comes with a controller, teaching box and solder tip cleaner.
  • Individual components can be purchased for integration to your automation cell.


  • Brush Cleaner (twin): Two wire brushes are rotated to remove carbide at the soldering tip automatically.
  • Clean-Cut Solder Feeder: Prevents explosion of flux by making a lengthwise cut in the flux-cored wire solder at the time of solder feeding. Its patented special 2-blade system can provide a stable solder reverse operation and also prevent solder slipping.
  • Double Heater: The heater provided in the nitrogen gas passing section heats up the nitrogen to increase the pre-heating effect of nitrogen gas thereby reducing tact time.
  • Fume Extractor: This device extracts flux fumes by using high suction power.
  • Light curtain or full enclosure
  • Lock-On Mechanism: This device prevents shifting of the feed position of wire solder.
  • N2 Tip Cap: This N2 tip cup is used to jet the nitrogen gas from the nitrogen generator around the periphery of the soldering tip.
  • Needle Swing Mechanism: An option for easier programming in tight spots, safety option included. When a brush cleaner is used, this device facilitates cleaning by swinging the solder feed (needle) automatically.
  • Nitrogen Gas Generator: For lead free applications. This compact device puts the soldering tip to a nitrogen atmosphere to improve the wettability and spread ability of solder.
  • Residual Solder Sensor: When the remaining quantity of wire solder becomes small, this sensor detects it and notifies the solder replacement time.
  • Solder Tip Position Correction Mechanism: This device automatically corrects a positional shift in times of tip wear and thermal expansion.
  • Solder Wire Preheater: At a solder feed, this device reheats wire solder to prevent the explosion of flux and scattering of solder balls.
  • Vision Position Correction Sensor: This device checks the soldering position by using a CCD camera and corrects the coordinates of the program automatically. (Image unavailable)
  • Robotic Optional Platforms
  • Ultrasonic soldering for the unsolderable
  • Optional 'S' Video System with color camera and 17" monitor

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