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Solderless Connections

Fancort Pneumatic Presses: 1to 10 tons. American Built & Easily Customizable. Low Volume/Lowest Cost. Smartpress™ Servo Presses. Programmable Load Control. Low Volume/Better Control. Electro Presses: Servo Presses from 5kg to 5000kg. Built-in Load Cell Monitoring for critical Applications. Low Volume/SPC Control/Data Collection PFM-1000 Servo Precision Press Fit Machines. Higher Capacity/Largest Work Area/ SPC Control/Data Collection

Press-fit technology is the insertion of flexible or rigid connector pins into plated through holes (PTHs) of printed circuit boards without soldering. The technology is industry accepted, widely used, reliable, and easy to operate. Fancort offers a complete range of machines and tooling for low to automated high volume machines. Our equipment has been used by the world’s largest electronics manufacturers.

Press Fit Presentation
5000L Air press with timer and Load cell
Load Cell Monitoring Kit
Press with Micrometer down stop
Connector Compliant Pin Fixture Air Press & Fixture Compliant Pin Fixture & PCB Compliant Pin Completed Assembly

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