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Flex Two Sided Systems

Uncompromising Accuracy and Versatility

Fancort's Flex family of adjustable forming systems are the most versatile and accurate adjustable production tools for most Flat Packs and Quad Packs. The Flex is the only system that can accurately center Quad Packs in a two-sided system allowing the leads of any Quad Pack to meet the X-Y pads on a PCB every time. The centering station and the loader also reduce operator error and handling. Our optional patented Floating Anvil Automatic System incorporates automatic standoff height control measuring the height of every part run in the system. A typical system consists of a Flex tool, Floating Anvil Press, Centering Station and Loader with vacuum. Below are descriptions of the three main types of systems:

Economy System for Flat Packs
Manual Micrometer FLEX System Floating Anvil FLEX System
Patented Fancort Technology
Press and E Flex tool Press , Flex tool, centering station and loader Electronic Press , Automatic Flex tool, centering station and loader
Fixed foot length, customers choice Interchangeable Foot length Interchangeable Foot length
Flat Packs only for best results Flat packs and Quad packs Flat packs and Quad packs
Manual Inch/Metric height adjustment Manual Inch/Metric height adjustment Automatic height control
Perfect standoff height every time
Centering via shims using magnetic holders Centering via External Centering station Centering via External Centering station
Loading by operator into the tool Loading into the tool via the Loading arm Loading into the tool via the Loading arm
80 -100 PSI air required 80 -100 PSI air required 80 -100 PSI air required
110 -220 VAC


  • Adjustable tip-to-tip length using hand wheel and precision ball screw with digital readout and anti-backlash feature.
  • Standard adjustable cut length depending on the part/package size for the standard FLEX is .450" to 3.0" max.
  • Standard clearance for side exit parts/packages up to .300" but no more than .150" above and below the forming lines.
  • Bottom brazed parts require external centering nests.
  • Simple changeover of four die members to vary all critical dimensions for most SMT footprints and packages, including plastic packages and large packages.
  • The MAX lead thickness the FLEX can accommodate is .012", round leads, can not be accomodated  
  • Automatic Standoff Control with patented, electronic floating anvil design, Patent #4,907,628
  • Floating Anvil sequence of operation  
  • Centering station with manual loader for higher throughput and hands-off operations.
  • The body of the part floats free when the leads are clamped to insure no stress is transferred to the body of the device being formed.
  • The Flex System is the most accurate and adjustable tool we make. Click here for FLEX LIMITATIONS.
  • Three models are available. The standard model processes packages with body length up to 2.000", the large model up to 3.000", and JEDEC system for plastic packages with short shoulders.  
  • Special "Tall Flex" for thick package bodies like the thick Maxwell parts.
  • Plated to prevent rusting  

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