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Progressive Systems for Packages on Lead Frames

Fancort will design and build progressive tools to process any type of plastic, metal or ceramic package that is produced on a lead frame. The tools are compatible with manual or semi-automatic feeding depending on your budget and production requirements. Progressive trim and form tools, depending on the design, normally consist of from three to five punch and die stations that might incorporate the following operations:

  • Dejunk of plastic between leads
  • Removal of dam bars between leads
  • Cutting of tie bars to set lead length
  • Final forming to footprint specifications
  • Singulation of finished device

Tooling holes in the lead frame are used for location by the operator to hand feed from one position to the next. Estimated throughput is 200-400 parts per hour depending on the number of stations used to produce a finished part. A less expensive approach to full progressive tooling:

Combine the features of a progressive tool with a stand-alone form and trim tool to keep cost down. This approach requires more handling. The tooling would dejunk, remove dam bars and singulate the device. The device would then go into a stand-alone tool for final form and trim ( An alternate would be to use a Fancort universal trim and form tool as the stand-alone and have the flexibility to vary the final footprint. (

5000L-8 (2 ton) or 5000L-10 (5 ton) is the standard air presswe recommend for most progressive tooling applications. A SuperVac scrap collection system is optional but recommended. Cycle time for the 5000L-8 is 12-14 sec. Cycle time for the 5000L-10 is 60 sec. (
Optional air over hydraulic Model 6000 press has a faster cycle time of 2-3 sec.

View the Progressive SMD Tools data sheet (PDF).

Fancort SuperVac, scrap control press and intergraded system for all Fancort tools


Three-Station 'J' Bend of DIP


Four-Station 208 QFP


Four-stage progressive trim and form tooling with 'C' bend under the body


Three up, four station, 66 lead TSOP, .025" pitch


Four station, compound form and trim, 5 lead magnetic device.


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