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For more than 40 years, Fancort has been a world leader in Aerospace lead forming equipment and services for SMDs and through-hole applications. We offer prototype to production equipment specializing in processing high-reliability devices to exacting tolerances. Fancort Industries is ITAR registered, a NASA and Johnson Space Center approved supplier of Forming and Tinning Services. Fancort customers include the following NASA engineering schools: MIT, John Hopkins, JPL, U of NH, MN, NM, TX and AZ. We are also a major supplier to the national labs system: Sandia, Draper, Fermi and Los Alamos.
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Fancort SMT / Product Tool Selector
Trim and Form Equipment

Your Requirements: Equipment:
  • Low volume and/or R&D
  • Process one side at a time
  • Critical operator setup
  • Manual loading
One-Sided Universals:
Note: Requires trained operator setup and inspection facilities near the equipment. The most versatile systems in the Industry.
  • Moderate volume to high production
  • Two and four-sided packages
  • Simple setup
  • FPGAs
  • Most accurate of all our universals
Complete System has manual or automatic standoff control and external centering, and a manual loading arm with vaccum pickup. New Smart Flex that is computer controlled with a library of your forming applications , automatically sets Tip to tip !
  • High volume
  • Part specific
  • FPGAs
  • Process all sides at one time
  • Minimal part handling
  • Hold tightest tolerances
Dedicated Tools:
Available in floating anvil and manual micrometer standoff control
  • Repair of bent or skewed leads

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