Dispensing Applications

Flux Dispense to PCB

Application: Apply dots of flux to solder pads prior to selective soldering process
Valve: FCM100

  • Low viscosity flux
  • Non-contact application
  • Stream small dots to board

Solder Paste Dispense to PCB

Application: Apply dots of solder paste to solder pads prior to laser or heat reflow
Valve: SV200

  • High viscosity paste & flux
  • Servo driven control
  • Auger to move paste without wear

TIM Dispense to Heat Sink

Application: Apply globs of a Thermal Interface Material to a voltage regulator before the heat sink is assembled
Valve: SB300-C

  • High viscosity abrasive paste (Aluminum Oxide)
  • Suck back action to prevent stringing
  • Carbide rod to reduce wear

UV Adhesive for Chip Bonding

Application: Apply a UV adhesive around a chip then cure the adhesive with a spot cure light to secure it in place
Valve: FC100-MC

  • Low viscosity UV adhesive flows around chip
  • Luer lock dispense tip to fit inside channel
  • Adhesive is cured before part handling

Electronics Encapsulation

Application: Apply a silicone encapsulant over components on a circuit board to protect them from the environment
Valve: FC100-MC

  • Medium viscosity fluid to flow around components
  • Create a moisture resistant barrier
  • Room temperature cure

Form in Place Gasket

Application: Dispense a bead of RTV into the channel of a housing to create a gasket
Valve: FC300

  • High viscosity RTV (Non-Slumping)
  • Formed gasket will replace an o-ring
  • High pressure pump to feed valve

Adhesive Bonding of Plastics

Application: Dispense a bead “CA” Cyanoacrylate adhesive to bond plastic lenses to their housings
Valve: FC300

  • All plastic dispense valve for chemical compatibility
  • Quick setting CA adhesive
  • Disposable luer lock dispense tips

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